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15 Remarkable Fall Wedding Cakes For Your Special Day

It’s always a nice idea to center your wedding around a theme, because it gives you a certain style to cater every aspect of your special day towards.

However, it can often be difficult to find a theme, because there’s so much choice. Do you center it around a special memory? A shared interest between you and your partner? 

15 Remarkable Fall Wedding Cakes For Your Special Day

To save you time, and still give you a fantastic theme, you can always center your wedding around the season that you’re having it in. 

If you’re lucky enough to be having your wedding in the magical season of fall, then you’re guaranteed to have a beautiful day.

This is especially true when it comes to the all-important wedding cake, because there are countless brilliant fall designs that you can have it decorated in. 

In our handy guide below, we’ve got 15 remarkable fall wedding cakes for your special day. You’re bound to find one that catches your eye!

15 Remarkable Fall Wedding Cakes For Your Special Day

1. Four Tier Wedding Cake With Leaves, Berries, And Acorns

We’re starting the list off with this beautiful, warm-looking fall wedding cake. This is delicately decorated with all kinds of fall staples: orange and red leaves, little berries, and acorns. 

One of the best things about it is that it really does look like a piece of nature, as if you’re inhabiting a true fall forest, with all its cozy colors and falling, crunchy leaves. 

You’ll notice from the picture that the cake has been positioned on a log for a touch of extra authenticity.

This is a great idea, because it makes your cake seem even more like a part of the natural world – just be sure to make sure the log is clean!

On top of that, they’ve also surrounded the cake with little arrangements of flowers.

They’re specifically orange and red flowers, to keep with the fall color scheme, and really contribute to the overall look. Of course, you could get edible flowers made too, to make these decorations both attractive and tasty.

2. Two Tier Teal And Rust Wedding Cake

Although the word “rust” isn’t going to be one you associate with something delicious and delightful like a wedding cake, it’s only being used as a reference to the colors on show with this terrific fall wedding cake design. 

Brown and red (rust) are pretty much the two main colors you’ll think of when you picture fall, and they’re all on display here, along with lush green leaves and soft yellow flowers.

It all goes to create a fall wedding cake that feels very warm.

On top of that, there’s a heart made out of twigs added into the mix, which furthers the whole fall feeling.

3. Four Tier Fall Wedding Cake With Fall Fruit

This fall wedding cake has a very pleasing design, with the pure white of the cake contrasting nicely with the small uses of green, orange, black, and dark blue around each tier’s base. 

Better yet, those base colors are coming from a variety of fall fruits included with the cake, such as blackberries and blueberries. These bring the fall feeling, as well as providing some delicious fruit flavoring.

4. Small Fall Wedding Cake With Donuts

Sometimes less is more, and that’s certainly the case with this cool fall wedding cake design. The cake itself is quite small, positioned at the top of a tiered cake stand.  It’s white, with orange/brown streaks dripping down it, which feels very fall.

On the other tiers of the cake stand, though, are loads of donuts. There’s something very fall-like about a donut, thanks to their glazed brown appearance and their warm, doughy texture. 

5. Orange Slice Fall Wedding Cake

Oranges are a big staple of fall, especially thanks to their orange colors. This fall wedding cake uses a simple block or pure white cake, but tops it with a selection of orange slices.

The slices vary in color, with some being fresh orange, others pale, and the remaining ones almost brown. 

It creates a visually-appealing cross-section of fall, with oranges and darks, which then contrasts nicely with a handful of lush green leaves. Tasty, healthy, and cozy!

6. Two Tier Fall Wedding Cake With Orange Flowers

On the subject of minimalist fall wedding cakes, this design is a particularly lovely, understated pick for your special day. It has two tiers of cake, with one being a lot taller than the other.

On each tier, though, is an orange flower, with a mix of green and white leaves coming off it.

The orange and green really conjure up images of fall, while the color of the white leaves bring to mind the coming snowy winter.

7. Three Tier Pumpkin Fall Wedding Cake

Now this is a thoroughly unique fall wedding cake!

While all the ones we’ve looked at so far have had regular cakes, but made up for it with their fall decorations, this tales on the fall season in every single way.

The three cake tiers are in the shape of large pumpkins, bright orange and curvy. On each of these pumpkins is an assortment of red leaves, green leaves, and red berries.

This is an especially great choice if your wedding is close to Halloween. 

The three pumpkin tiers look so much like the real thing that you might expect to cut into them and find real pumpkin inside!

8. Four Tier Fall Wedding Cake With A Column Of Flowers

This is a particularly elegant fall wedding cake design, with four tiers of white frosted cake and then a multicolored column of flowers towering up one side.

The flowers are a mix of oranges, whites, creams, and reds, which give the cake a big forest feeling. 

9. Fall Wedding Cake With Pumpkin Design

This creative fall wedding cake uses tiers of cake that look like pumpkin, just like the 7th entry on our list did.

However, this one doesn’t exclusively use them, instead mixing it up with tiers of traditional-looking cake too.

The contrast of the curvy orange pumpkin tiers and the angular white frosted cake tiers really make the cake look very interesting, and there’s a mix of purple and yellow leaves distributed around the base of each tier.

10. Fall Wedding Cake With Cinnamon Donuts

This design has two delicious-looking tiers of cake, with white frosting dribbling down them. However, it also has cinnamon donuts dotted around it. 

Donuts already have a fall feeling to them, but that’s even more the case when those donuts are cinnamon-topped too.

There’s something about the cozy, fiery taste of cinnamon that feels very at home in fall.

11. Fruit And Berry Fall Wedding Cake

This wedding cake has two delicious tiers of doughy goodness, topped with chocolate frosting that dribbles down the sides.

However, on the top of each tier is a selection of fall fruits and berries: raspberries, blueberries, and more.

12. Fall Wedding Cake With Fruit And Flowers

On a similar note, this delicious fall wedding cake also has the appearance of gooey chocolate dribbling down its sides, as well as raspberries dotted around the top.

However, it also has gentle fall flowers added into the mix too, with petals of white, orange, and red.

The colors of these flowers, combined with the rich brown of the chocolate, make a look that is perfect for fall. 

13. Fall Wedding Cake With A Berry & Cherry Overload

We’ve looked at a few fall wedding cakes with fruits and berries on them, but this beats them all in terms of sheer quantity!

The cake tiers are a relaxing pure white, which then contrasts nicely with the enormous range of textures and colors that the berries offer.

Better yet, there are even shiny cherries thrown into the mix, with their thin green stalks contributing to the fall feeling.

14. Fall Wedding Chocolate Cake

Chocolate cake is one of the very best types of cake to get, with its rich and delicious goodness, so we’ve got to include one on this list.

The sumptuous appearance of the gooey chocolate sponge feels very fall-like, as do the shiny blackberries which surround it.

On top of that, there are segments of figs dotted around the base, which look like they’ve come straight from a tree in a forest.

15. Three Tier Fall Wedding Cake Sponge With Fruit

For our final pick, we’ve got this delicious and simple fall wedding cake that uses bare sponge.

While other cakes have had their sponge cake frosted around the sides, this leaves it bare, and the brown appearance suits fall very well. 

Each tier is topped with frosting, though, which holds a variety of fruit and berries: red berries, blueberries, strawberries, and blackberries.

They even have white dustings on them, as if some pre-winter snow has intruded on fall, and delicately coated these delicious fruits.

Final Thoughts

If you’ve got a fall wedding, then use our detailed list to find a perfect and remarkable fall wedding cake design for your special day!

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