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About Us

About Us

Baking is one of those universal loves in the world – who doesn’t love baking a cake every now and then? 

Hi, my name is Anna Ingham and I have been a professional baker for almost seven years.

What started as a hobby with my Easy-Bake Oven in school turned into a full career! That doesn’t even feel like work – how cool is that? 

Anyway, my career has taken me down many baking paths in these years, from sweet treats to seasonal bakes, traditional desserts to wedding cakes. 

Now I run a custom bakery where my clients can come to me with their requests and I will do my best to accommodate them.

It’s fun! My most recent bake was a cake in the shape of Discworld’s map (yep, turtle and all!). 

I like to think of myself as a baking know-it-all, and I’m often asked for tips and tricks, my favorite recipes, and any and all questions relating to baking.

I love answering these questions – it makes me feel important. 

Anna Ingham.

However, now I am becoming more and more busy with my small business, I want to extend my knowledge online so that anyone can get answers from me right away.

Please enjoy learning about everything surrounding baking and my experience with it over the last few decades. 

And most importantly, enjoy whatever you bake next!