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10 Remarkable Bunny Cupcakes To Make For Your Next Dinner Party

These adorable bunny cupcakes are a perfect dessert for Easter.

They have a light and fluffy, creamy chocolate cupcake that is covered in raspberry cream cheese frosting and other really popular flavors.

10 Remarkable Bunny Cupcakes To Make For Your Next Dinner Party

Cupcakes are the perfect treat for Easter and Bunny Day. They are easy to make, and they are tasty too. Taking you no time at all.

You can make these all year round for different occasions, but Easter is always the most popular for bunny cupcakes because they are so fun and desirable. 

1. Small Bunny Cupcakes

  • A bunny cupcake is a cute cupcake that is shaped like a bunny. This recipe is a simple kit that delivers a fun and colorful treat. A fun and delicious Easter treat for kids and adults alike, these bunny cupcakes (see also ‘10 Of The Best Turkey Cupcakes You Have To Make Right Now‘) are so quick and easy to make. A perfect treat for Easter!
  • These are very cute and require you to practice your frosting a little bit more with the bright green grass you will be creating. 
  • These are fun little cupcakes which only will take you up to an hour to complete! 

2. Pink Bunny-Eared Cupcakes

  • Yum! This lemon vanilla cupcake recipe is a classic. It’s the perfect recipe for spring and summer. Cake flour is a baking flour made from ground wheat, usually with a high gluten content. It is used for making quick breads, cakes and cookies.
  • A recipe for lemon vanilla cupcakes, a delicious and supremely simple cupcake recipe that is quick and easy to prepare.
  • Lemon vanilla cupcakes are a family favorite. They are also a great year round recipe. They are light and fluffy and have a unique lemon-vanilla flavor and have the cutest little decorations on top to fiddle around with. The pink ears really bring the cakes together and make them visible as being bunnies.  

3. Candy Bunny Cupcakes

  • These cute bunny cupcakes are a fun treat to make and they look adorable in the cupcake stand. This recipe is quite easy to make and uses sweets for the decorations. 
  • This takes slightly longer to make because it serves 24 cupcakes, but if you didn’t want to make this many, you can always reduce the amounts. 
  • Everything is fimple from the frosting cover to just adding the sweets on top and would be really fun for the kids to make them unique and personal to them. 

4. Sprinkle Bunny Cupcakes

  • Vanilla cupcakes are a tasty and versatile dessert for all occasions. These cupcakes are simple to make and, with the addition of fresh fruit, a great way to take the flavor of summer to your next office party.
  • Vanilla cupcakes are a crowd-pleaser with a light, moist and fluffy texture. These are a family favorite, and are simple to make.
  • Vanilla cupcakes | These vanilla cupcakes are the perfect way to use up all the vanilla extract you have lying around. There are several different frosting options to choose from, depending on your preference but this recipe works really well in terms of color for your little bunny toppings. 
  • Sprinkles are always fun to decorate with to make it look pretty and creative with some extra marshmallows and other sweets to add. 

5. Rabbit Hole Cupcakes

  • Rabbit hole cupcakes are a fun and whimsical way to tie in a special holiday, like Halloween or Valentine’s Day (see also ‘15 Remarkable Flower Cupcakes To Make For Your Next Dinner Party‘), to your dinner party. The cupcakes are decorated with a hole in the middle and can be frosted in a variety of colors to match the theme of your party.
  • Rabbit hole cupcakes are a fun and festive way to celebrate birthdays and other special occasions with some amazing decorations including the carrot on the side, the grass with the rabbit in the hole. It is all very fun and can be a bit difficult, but the overall cupcake looks amazing. 
  • A rabbit hole is a hole in a wall, ceiling or floor in a building, most commonly found in schools and homes. Use this recipe to make your own batch of bunny cupcakes and only takes just over an hour to complete depending on how you find the decorations. 

6. Gluten-Free Bunny Cupcakes

  • These adorable gluten-free bunny cupcakes are an adorable and delicious way to celebrate Easter (see also ‘10 Tasty Easter Cupcakes To Make This Weekend’).
  • These gluten-free bunny cupcakes are anything but ordinary. They are tender, moist, and topped with fluffy marshmallow frosting which you might not expect. It is so important to make sure there is a recipe for everyone and this Gluten-free recipe is just like any cupcakes, nice and moist and fluffy. 
  • Make these gluten-free bunny cupcakes for a cute kids’ Easter party. They’re easy to make and delicious to eat using gluten-free vanilla flavoring. You can also use these instructions to make other types of bunny cupcakes.

7. Chocolate Bunny Ears Cupcakes

  • Chocolate cupcakes are the ultimate comfort food, which makes them the perfect choice for a special occasion. Easy to make and just as delicious, they’re a great choice for any celebration.
  • Chocolate cupcakes are the perfect dessert for a birthday. These are small, simple cakes, but they’re not small in flavor. The best part is that they’re not too sweet. This is a recipe to make them with only small decorations of longer bunny ears on top. 
  • Some recipes can be quite difficult with top decorations and if you do not have the time for this, a simple recipe like this would be perfect.

8. Fererro Rocher Bunny Cupcake

  • These Fererro Rocher cupcakes are a delicious and simple treat for the dessert lovers out there. You can bake them yourself, or order them online if you’re not feeling too confident. 
  • You don’t need too many ingredients for this recipe if you’re making it at home because it is quite simple in terms of frosting and decoration.
  • This only takes a good 50 minutes to completely finish for both the prepping and the baking parts and you will be able to make cupcakes for 12 people total. 
  • Ferrero rocher is always viewed as quite a luxurious nutty chocolate which people adore and will usually buy as presents or for special occasions, so why not use them for your bunny cakes? 
  • This recipe is very well laid out and has some super simple steps for you to follow and some images to help you along with the aesthetic of the cupcakes throughout the process. 

9. Bunny Butt Cupcakes

  • For this recipe, you will need 11 different ingredients listed on the website and you will need a long prepping time because the decorations are quite tricky. However, they are fun and creative and can be the perfect opportunity to get the kids stuck in on these beautiful cupcakes. 
  • It also has the calorie count on the website, outlines exactly what is in the cupcakes and how many calories you will be consuming with these sweet treats. 
  • This is quite a large recipe for 24 cupcakes which is what makes it perfect for an occasion or event. 
  • This particular recipe is great because you can put what ingredients you will need in the trolley while you look at the recipe. 

10. Colorful Bunny Cakes

  • Who doesn’t love a bit of color when baking? If you are looking to create a whole tray, or you are putting them on a cake stand, they will look very impressive and creative. 
  • You will be using different food coloring to create different blue, pink and red cupcakes to make them stand out and look very appealing. 
  • The vanilla flavoring is always a nice, safe option because you know that most people are going to prefer it rather than going for a flavor that not everyone will like. 
  • You will also need to go and get some marshmallow bunnies for their top decoration which makes it all super easy with no icing, you can just focus on the cake and the swirl frosting! 


Overall, bunny cupcakes are really popular – especially around Easter time.

They are great for creating fun activities for the kids and spending time together making these adorable decorations and cakes.

If you’re looking to host an Easter party, the larger recipes for more cupcakes are perfect choices because you will have the right amounts to make that many without having to guess! 

Hopefully you have found the right recipe for you and you enjoy looking through all of the funny and cute bunny cupcakes. Go bake your favorite ones today. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Make Rabbit-Shaped Cupcakes With Foil?

Scrunch pieces of aluminum foil into balls nice and tight. Tuck two of them between the muffin tin and the paper cup to create the ears.

And tuck one on each on the left and right and you are all done, it is really that easy!

Don’t over complicate your cupcakes if you haven’t done them before, and if you are making quite a few.

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