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11 Best Geode Wedding Cake Recipe Ideas For Your Special Day

If you’re on the hunt for a wedding cake design that is incredibly unique and is guaranteed to catch the eyes of your visitors as soon as they walk into the reception room, you’re not going to want to miss out on the chance to prepare a geode cake. 

These types of cakes have been skyrocketing in popularity over the last few years, and it all comes down to their jaw-dropping appearance which is intended to mimic the crystals that make up the natural structures of rocks, giving the cake a glistening and almost otherworldly appearance. 

11 Best Geode Wedding Cake Recipe Ideas For Your Special Day

Not only are they a marvel to look at, but geode cakes can also be designed in many different ways to make them as eye-catching as you would like, giving you an incredible amount of customization options.

Here are 11 beautiful geode cake wedding cake recipes that you should consider trying out. 

1) Gray And Amethyst Geode Cake

This recipe uses multiple layers of buttercream frosting to make the texture as creamy as possible before cutting a wedge out of the cake and sprinkling it with rock candy which is given a deep amethyst appearance by using gel food coloring. 

The very rich and deep purple that runs through the outside of the cake is made to mimic the dazzling amethyst gemstone, and while the outer layer of the cake is gray in this recipe to make for a nice contrast between colors that aren’t too over the top, feel free to also use white instead if you want something a little more bright and noticeable. 

2) Crystal Green Geode Cake

If you want your cake to still have an incredibly unique appearance that is a little more mellow in its color scheme, this geode cake uses deep crystal green rock candies which are stuck to the cake using a layer of piping gel (see also: How To Make Homemade Piping Gel)so that it can be easily cut into when it’s time to tuck in. 

The dark thin line around the edge of the cut also helps make it look as if you really are looking into a rock or a crystal with how detailed it is, making for a beautiful cake that is more based around its aesthetic rather than being too flashy or in your face. 

3) Black Frosting Geode Cake

If you really want your cake to stand out and be a part of the wedding that each and every (see also: 15 Best Wedding Cake Stands For Every Wedding)guest is sure to remember and talk to their friends about when they get home, you can’t go wrong mixing a black outer layer of frosting with a deep and rich purple cut running through the middle. 

The black frosting is the most important ingredient here, being made from a combination of softened butter, powdered sugar, vanilla extract, and a cup of dark chocolate powder along with a few ounces of dark chocolate to give the cake the “galaxy” appearance that really is unlike any cake you’ve seen before. 

4) Easy Pink & Purple Chocolate Geode Cake

Arranging a wedding can be incredibly difficult, from organizing the tables to sorting out all the food and extra activities, it can mean you barely have any time left to prepare the cake.

However, if you are a little strapped for time, this doesn’t mean you can’t still make a wonderful jaw-dropping geode cake, and this recipe is proof of that. 

All you have to do is make a base chocolate cake with as many layers as you would like, before then adding a smooth and creamy layer of buttercream to enhance the texture and then sprinkling a few pink and purple shades of rock candy into the cut section of the cake along with adding edible glitter to finish the entire thing off. 

5) Pink Fondant Geode Cake

Fondant icing isn’t an ingredient everyone will use each time they’re preparing a geode cake since some people will be more than satisfied with keeping the outside layer of the cake layered in buttercream and only adding some rock crystals into the cut itself. 

While this is perfectly fine, if you did want to go the extra mile to make the appearance of the cake look as unique and special as possible, try using fondant icing to give the outer layer a much more interesting and intriguing look that mimics the crystal aesthetic even more. 

6) Heart Shaped Geode Cake

The cake at a wedding is symbolic of the relationship between the newly wedded couple and the new chapter they are both about to embark on together, which is why it’s never a bad idea to make it as romantic as possible, such as with this geode cake that has a cut-out heart shape which uses a deep red gel to make it astonishing to look at. 

All the ingredients required are luckily very easy to gather, and since actually making the heart indent is very easy, feel free to add one or two bigger hearts around the cake, or even simply dot a few smaller ones around the outside, the choice is entirely up to you. 

7) Fool’s Gold & Rose Quartz Geode Cake

The cut-out in this cake makes it feel like you’re looking at the inside of a rock that has multiple small golden nuggets scattered around it which are actually made using a mixture of bronze and gold luster dust. 

If you don’t mind putting in the extra time and effort to make a cake that is a little different in appearance from most other geode cakes, but still just as eye-catching where you can show off your creative talents, this Fool’s Gold geode cake is the perfect way to give your visitors a pleasant surprise when they walk into the reception room. 

8) Marble Geode Cake

There are a handful of colors that are perfect to use with a geode cake since they allow the separated portion of the cake to really pop out while still looking delicious to eat, and one of the most popular colors that many people will use is blue marble. 

This recipe uses gold luster dust, blue food coloring, black food coloring, and clear rock candy to make one of the most vibrant and beautiful geode cakes out there, and since it can be made so easily, you can stack on as many layers as you think would be best depending on how grand and noticeable you want it to be, and depending on how many people you will have to feed. 

9) Purple Lemon Geode Cake

Looking to really blow your guests away with the delightful taste of your wedding cake?

Try out this 9-layer lemon cake which is covered in creamy sweet buttercream icing and cut down one side with a wall of alluring purple rock candy to really make the appearance of the cake stand out as much as the taste. 

Lemon zest is the key ingredient to this recipe, however, a dash of lemon extract is also used as part of the decoration to make this a delightful cake both in its taste, and its appearance. 

10) Basic Geode Wedding Cake

While there are certainly many opportunities to go above and beyond in the design of a geode cake, if you want something that’s a little more low-key but that still has that unique cut-out aesthetic without all the glistening colors and shiny additions, this recipe is a more standard take on the regular geode wedding cake that still looks fantastic without overdoing it in the appearance. 

The rock candy used in this recipe is actually prepared slightly differently than many others, using a delightful mixture of granulated sugar, lollipop sticks, food coloring, and a small amount of extra flavoring so it still tastes as good as it looks. 

11) Vanilla And Mango Geode Cake

If you know some of your friends and family members are big fans of the sweet taste of mango and vanilla, you can very easily prepare a cake that is bursting with these flavors that still retains that very distinct crystal-like appearance that geode cakes are so admired for. 

The two primary ingredients used in this recipe are the sweet and thick mango curd, and vanilla bean paste which is used as a substitute for the almond extract that is so often used in many almond cake recipes(see also: 8 Tasty Vanilla Bean Cake Recipes You’ll Love To Make). 

Of course, you can’t forget the buttercream frosting which helps to keep the texture of the cake light and creamy, making this the perfect geode cake to whip up if you want something bursting with flavor that can also be made in just a few hours. 


There’s no doubt that if you’ve been searching for wedding cake ideas, you will have seen geode cakes all over the internet, and for good reason since they are some of the most dazzling and eye-catching cakes out there. 

To make your special day even more unique and memorable, consider trying these geode cake recipes that all have slightly different appearances and tastes that you and your guests are guaranteed to enjoy.

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