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15 Best Wedding Cake Square For Every Wedding

A wedding cake is an absolutely essential part of every wedding. It’s the perfect centerpiece and it’s a great addition to any photos you plan on taking.

Another thing that makes wedding cakes so special is how much time and effort goes into them to make them unique and eye-catching.

15 Best Wedding Cake Square For Every Wedding

If you are planning a wedding and you are stuck on wedding cake inspiration, then why not try something a little different?

Wedding cake squares are a more modern and unique take on traditional wedding cakes and they make for a more interesting centerpiece that you and your guests will remember long after the wedding is over.

If you are curious about wedding cake squares, then read on to find out about 15 of the best wedding cake squares for every (see also: 15 Best Fake Wedding Cakes For Every Fake Wedding)wedding!

15 Best Wedding Cake Square For Every Wedding

Whether you are looking for a quirky design or something traditional with a twist, there are plenty of wedding cake squares for you to get inspired.

The 15 we have included in this list tick the boxes on everything you are looking for, so you are sure to find one that will be perfect for your wedding!

1. White & Purple Floral Wedding Cake Square

Starting off with something simple but incredibly effective, this wedding cake square is incredibly beautiful.

It features a fantastic trailing white and purple flower arrangement that is set on top of a traditional white cake.

This cake is different enough that it’s unique but it still sticks to the traditional vibes of classic wedding cakes. This is perfect if you want something unique but without being too over the top.

2. Four-Tier Colorful Cake Square

If you want to break the wedding stereotypes and add a bit of color to your wedding, then this wedding cake square might be just what you are looking for!

Made using 4 tiers, this cake square incorporates both classic victorian sponge cake with rich and creamy chocolate cake to create an incredibly colorful cake square that you will absolutely love.

To give this cake a bit more depth, berries, and pink roses are used, and they really add a fantastic bit of detail to the overall look of the cake.

3. Rustic Inspired Cake Square

If you want to give your wedding a bit more of a rustic or boho feel, then you will love this rustic-inspired cake square.

It comes in three tiers and the frosting is decorated in a way that give the cake a bit more of a “worn” look. It sounds like it shouldn’t work, but it definitely does!

It takes the traditional white wedding cake idea and flips it into something more unique and fun.

This cake also uses berries and floral accents to add even more creativity to the overall design and look.

4. Floral Print Wedding Cake Square

Floral print always works for weddings, and this cake square is perfect if you want something that is a little more simple and more traditional.

The floral print looks absolutely wonderful on the all-white cake, and the square shape gives the whole design a bit more edge.

You can experiment with different floral designs for this particular cake as well, so you can make sure it matches the rest of your wedding.

5. Modern Wedding Cake Square

This cake square is a fantastic modern take on a wedding cake. It keeps all of the traditional colors and accents usually associated with weddings, but the square shape really brings it into the modern day.

Classy, elegant, and incredibly unique, this cake square is subtle in design, but it is still incredibly eye-catching!

The floral accents just add even more to the overall look and feel of the cake and it will look great in pictures.

6. Two-Tire Wedding Cake Square

Simple but effective, this two-tier wedding cake square is perfect for more intimate affairs, or for anyone who doesn’t want too much cake!

It’s also great if you are on more of a budget because it is still incredibly elegant and sophisticated.

Made using a simple white cake with intricate textures etched in, all you need to give this cake a bit more depth is some floral accents.

You don’t have to be too excessive in your cake choice in order for it to be effective, and this two-tier wedding cake square really proves that!

7. Floral Rustic Wedding Cake Square

This cake square is a bit similar to the first cake we listed, but it’s got a more rustic and natural vibe to it.

Using sparse frosting and beautiful purple floral accents, this is a wonderful cake square to use if you want something a bit more outdoorsy and rustic.

It’s only made using two tiers as well, making it perfect for more intimate affairs. This cake is incredibly beautiful as well, and worth considering for your own wedding.

8. Succulent Wedding Cake Square

This wedding cake square takes the classic floral concept and makes it incredibly unique and different.

Instead of something like roses, you will instead be using succulents of varying sizes to bring this cake to life.

It gives the white cake more of a personality and it also makes the whole cake extremely different from more traditional wedding cakes.

This is the perfect design to go for if you want to stick to tradition, while also adding a bit of your own personality to it.

Plus, the succulents are beautiful by themselves, so adding them to the cake somehow makes them even more beautiful!

9. Red And White Floral Wedding Cake Square

Made using four tiers, this red and white floral wedding cake square is both grand and beautiful.

If you really want to make a statement at your wedding, this cake square will definitely do that!

The white cake has beautiful etching carved into it to give it some extra depth and it is complemented by the beautiful red, pink, and burgundy foliage.

The pop of color on this cake is exactly what it needs to take it to the next level.

10. High Neck Rustic Wedding Cake Square

This rustic-inspired wedding cake square is incredibly unique, being all grey in its design, and adorned in incredible foliage.

There’s almost something mystical about this cake square and you won’t find another one like it anywhere else.

This is an incredibly photogenic cake that will pair beautifully with your wedding theme. Your guests will remember this wonderful cake square long after the wedding!

11. White Rose Wedding Cake Square

This wedding cake square sticks firmly to the wedding cake tradition, being all white, but it adds in incredible edible white roses to really give it its own unique appeal!

This cake is incredibly versatile in the ways you can customize it and make sure that it fits with the rest of your wedding theme.

You can really have a lot of fun with this cake square design, but it is also perfect just the way it is.

The detail on the roses is absolutely stunning and you will be able to get lots of beautiful pictures with this cake on your big day!

12. Four-Tier Floating Wedding Cake Square

The overall design of this cake is incredibly simple, but it’s the way it is presented that really gives it an edge!

Using four tiers, this cake is separated to give the illusion that each tier is floating and it really makes an impressive statement.

It makes the cake look much bigger and grander than it actually is, which is perfect if you do not want to spend as much money on a cake, but still want to go big!

Between the separated tiers are beautiful flower arrangements which help to make this cake stand out.

13. Brushstroke Wedding Cake Square

This cake square sticks to wedding traditions, but it adds a breathtaking brushstroke design on the corner to create something artistic and beautiful.

Your guests will be in awe of this cake when they see it and you will love everything about it when you see it in person!

14. Naked Chocolate Cake

This wedding cake is anything but traditional, but it is so incredibly beautiful that it is hard to pass up.

Made using a chocolate sponge and beautiful pink frosting, this is an incredibly unique cake square that is perfect for less conventional weddings.

15. Textured Wedding Cake Square

This wedding cake square is perfect for any wedding where you want a cake with a bit of texture! It uses beautiful foliage to add a bit of extra detail that adds a softness to the overall design.

This is another simple and effective cake square that is perfect for any wedding!


You are sure to find exactly what you are looking for when you give some of these cake square designs a try!

Make your wedding unique and unforgettable by breaking away from tradition and having something a bit more quirky as one of the main centerpieces!

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