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15 Best Wedding Cake Knife Set For Every Wedding

One of the most anticipated spectacles of a wedding – after the bride’s dress, of course – is the unveiling of the wedding cake!

Not only do guests want to see this extravagant cake, but they want to enjoy a slice too to see if it’s really as delicious as it looks. 

15 Best Wedding Cake Knife Set For Every Wedding

To make sure the cutting of the cake goes off without a hitch and is as smooth as possible there are a few things you can do.

You can check with your baker if there are any special serving instructions for the cake they’ve whipped up, and you can buy a wedding cake knife set that not only reliably cuts a smooth slice every (see also: 15 Best Wedding Cake Serving Set For Every Wedding)time, but that looks beautiful and matches the theme or color scheme of your wedding.

You should also buy one that is of good quality, so you can keep it as a memento of your special day for years to come.

But where do you start when finding the best wedding cake knife set for your wedding?

Well, this article! Below, you’ll find beautiful wedding cake knife sets for every wedding, whether you’re having a spring, outdoor wedding in a romantic garden, a summer wedding on the beach, a golden, fall wedding in a rustic barn, or a glamorous, sparkling wedding in winter. 

Plus, we also have the answers to some burning questions regarding the cutting of your cake too.

Even though cutting a cake should be simple, it can be a lot of pressure on your big day when the cake is so extravagant and there are so many eyes on you!

So without further ado, here are the 15 best wedding cake knife sets for every (see also: 15 Best Wedding Cake Cheesecake For Every Wedding)wedding.  

1. Gold, Engraved Wedding Cake Knife Set

This simple but gorgeous gold, engraved wedding cake knife set adds a personal touch to the cutting (see also: 15 Best Wedding Cake Cutting Sets For Every Wedding)of the cake. Plus, the engraved date makes it an amazing keepsake from your special day.

2. Personalized White And Silver Wedding Cake Knife Set

Another personalized white and silver wedding cake knife set, this one has a touch of added elegance for a wedding fit for royalty. 

3. Rustic Beach Wedding Personalized Wedding Cake Knife Set

This rustic personalized wedding cake knife set is perfect for a beach wedding!

The dusky blue tones, the white lace, and the twine tied around the knife, server and champagne flutes immediately transport you to a wedding by the sea. 

4. Rose Gold Personalized Crystal Wedding Cake Knife Set

This rose gold and crystal wedding cake knife set with flutes is sure to capture the heart of any princess bride. 

5. Rustic Winter Wedding Cake Knife Set

This rustic winter wedding cake knife set with pine cones and a garland would also be amazing for an outdoor wedding no matter what time of year.

6. Glamorous Winter Wedding Cake Knife Set

If you’re celebrating a more glamorous winter wedding, then you need this wedding cake knife set! The holly, the frost-covered leaves, and the frosted handles are festive and fabulous. 

7. Rustic Fall Wedding Cake Knife Set

So now we’ve looked at a couple of winter wedding cake knife sets, let’s talk about this beautiful, rustic Fall wedding cake knife set.

The twine and small white roses make this knife set as pretty as Fall leaves. The wheat really sets it off! 

8. Rose Gold Wedding Cake Knife Set

This rose gold wedding cake knife set has a subtle beauty to it that is ideal for a more understated wedding. 

9. Rustic Chrome Wedding Cake Knife Set

This rustic chrome wedding cake knife set would be beautiful for an industrial inspired wedding (particularly at an industrial venue) while the eucalyptus keeps it nice and rustic.  

10. Romantic Lace Wedding Cake Knife Set

This wedding cake knife set with romantic pink roses and white lace just screams ‘romantic’ and would be perfect for an outdoor, garden wedding. 

11. Ombre Wedding Cake Knife Set

This may be the coolest wedding cake knife set on our list! This rich black and gold ombre knife set would fit in nicely with a darkly romantic wedding, or any other non-traditional theme. 

12. Personalized Gold Scalloped Wedding Cake Knife Set

Keep things simple with this gold wedding cake knife set. The scalloped edge of the server is what makes this set stand out. 

13. Pink Gold Ornate Wedding Cake Knife Set

This pink-gold ornate wedding cake knife set is a work of art. We wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t want to cut your cake with this stunning set! 

14. Dusky Rose Wedding Cake Knife Set

This sweet dusky rose wedding cake knife set is beautifully romantic and pairs perfectly with a pink, floral theme. 

15. Pearl And Gold Wedding Cake Knife Set

If you can’t indulge in pearls and gold on your wedding day, then when can you? Go all out with this decadent wedding cake knife set!

When Should You Cut Your Wedding Cake?

Although when you cut your cake might seem like an arbitrary thing, when you cut your cake actually has a significant impact on the timeline of your reception.

Traditionally, the cutting of the cake takes place at the end of the reception, and usually signalled it was almost time for everyone to pack up and go home. 

Although the cake cutting normally happens a lot earlier in modern weddings, the cake is now normally cut as dinner comes to an end and before everyone takes to the dancefloor.

Basically, it’s the last ‘official’ event of the night.

Slicing your cake a little earlier can let older guests, or any other guests that don’t want to stay late that no more formal events will be taking place if they would like to head off. 

Cutting your cake earlier also has other benefits too. It allows your photographer to get great pictures of you cutting your cake, and it also simplifies slicing and serving the cake for servers.

If you cut your cake ahead of dinner, catering staff can focus on slicing the cake after entrées, and serve pieces during the dessert course. 

What Should You Say When Cutting A Cake?

Before you cut your cake, a member of your wedding party should announce to the other guests that you’re about to cut the cake.

As your guests gather around you and the cake, your DJ might play a song.

You can even request your DJ to play a food-related song, or just one that is meaningful to you and your spouse as you cut the cake. 

Although you and your spouse may joke around or do a traditional ‘cake smash’ before or during the cake cutting, there is no need to make a big speech.

Most guests will be interested in you cutting the cake (see also: Cutting The Cake: The History Of This Couple’s Tradition)and finally getting to enjoy a delicious slice.

How Should You Cut A Wedding Cake?

It’s likely that you and your other-half have never cut a cake together before, but two people holding a cake knife can make cutting the cake challenging.

The cleanest methods are the wedge or box option. In the wedge option, the bride is closest to the cake, and the groom is behind her.

Both have their hands on the knife, and they cut into the cake before slicing down cleanly.

They will then make a wedge using a connecting cut, using the cake knife to pick up the wedge and place it on a plate. 

The box option is even neater.

Once that first slice is made, you make a second parallel cut an inch over before inserting the knife vertically at the back of your two cuts, before pushing your slice out onto the plate. 

Using a knife and fork, carefully remove each cake and place the thickest part of the cake onto a plate. To make sure each guest gets a smooth slice of cake, make sure to regularly clean your knife. 

Who Normally Gets A Slice Of Wedding Cake?

Of course, you should have enough wedding cake so that everyone gets a slice.

After all, you don’t want to run out of cake! However, it’s important to set aside a slice or two for your spouse to enjoy once the day is done.

If you would like to save a slice of cake – or the top tier – to enjoy the following year in celebration of your anniversary, you may want to ask your baker to bake a bigger cake.

Who Gets The First Bite Of Wedding Cake?

The happy couple will get the first bite of their wedding cake, and it’s up to them whether they delicately serve a slice of cake to each other with a fork, or cheekily smash the cake into their faces! 

Final Thoughts

We hope our list of the 15 best wedding cake knife sets have inspired you!

No matter how laid-back, rustic, or non-traditional your wedding, you can still go all out with the wedding cake knife sets and give your wedding reception an extra shot of glamour!

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