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11 Best White Sheet Cake Recipes To Try Today

Do you need a new white sheet cake recipe to try today? Maybe it’s your turn to make dessert and you aren’t sure what recipe to use?

Or are you curious about white sheet cake and want to know more? Whatever the reason is that brought you here, we have the answers for you!

11 Best White Sheet Cake Recipes To Try Today

Finding the best white sheet cake recipe can be tricky, especially if you have never made one before.

You head online for some guidance but are met with page after page of conflicting and contradicting information.

Frustrated and disappointed, you are left unsure who to trust and which recipe to use. How will your cake be made now?

Well, by sticking with us! Today, we are here with 11 of the best white sheet cake recipes for you to try today!

Keep reading to see our detailed list and find the perfect recipe for you. Let’s not waste any more time and drive into our list now.

1. Basic White Sheet Cake

First up, we have this fantastic recipe from Martha Stewart! This basic white sheet cake is a wonderful cake to serve at parties and can even be tiered to create a birthday cake-style sheet cake! 

The recipe is easy to follow, with just five steps that will show you how to make and ice your sheet cake. The cake can serve 17 people, making it ideal for large gatherings!

Plus, the basic recipe can be customized if you want! You can add food coloring to the icing, or pipe designs if you want, or add any toppings you like.

With this basic white cake recipe, you can add whatever flavor you like to create a fantastic cake! 

2. Vanilla Sheet Cake With Whipped Buttercream

Next, we have this delicious recipe from Sally’s Baking Recipes. The vanilla sheet cake features a white cake that is topped with a beautiful whipped buttercream frosting.

The cake uses a reverse creaming method. Now, this might sound tricky, but it’s super easy! And it gives you a super soft and springy cake that is paired with a delicious buttery vanilla flavor. 

This is the perfect cake recipe for anyone after a birthday sheet cake or a classic dessert. It’s a crowd-pleaser and takes just 30 minutes to cook, making it ideal when you need to make a cake quickly! 

3. White Texas Sheet Cake

This Taste of Home recipe is perfect for anyone that needs a huge sheet cake! The cake serves 20 and is easy to make, in just four steps you will have a light and fluffy sheet cake topped with a deliciously creamy and buttery frosting! 

The recipe calls for walnuts to be stirred into the frosting before being spread over the cake. This adds a unique texture to the frosting and leaves every slice with a crunchy surprise!

We recommend using toasted nuts where possible, and you can swap out the walnuts for a different nut if you prefer. For those with nut allergies, swap the walnuts for chocolate chips and remove the almond extract from the cake recipe. 

4. The Best White Sheet Cake

For those in a rush, try this recipe! Instead of making the cake yourself, time is saved by using a cake mix. But don’t worry, you still get a delicious sponge, just with less effort than the other recipes we have looked at today. 

The moist sponge is topped with a beautiful cream cheese frosting and sprinkles. It is the perfect cake for a large birthday cake, or if you want some nostalgic old-school birthday cake for your dessert!

Not only is this a large sheet cake, but it’s a tall one too, giving you a dense cake that your friends and family will love! 

5. Gluten-Free White Texas Sheet Cake

For the gluten-frees in the room, we have the perfect recipe for you! This white Texas sheet cake recipe uses gluten-free flour, making it suitable for anyone with a gluten allergy or intolerance.

What’s more, it’s so delicious that no one will tell that it was made with gluten-free flour! 

The steps are clear and easy to follow, allowing you to create a large sheet cake that is perfect for parties or large gatherings.

You could swap the frosting for cream cheese if you prefer, or follow the instructions to make a creamy frosting like the recipe suggests.

Just take care when boiling your butter and milk, it’s best to go slow here to avoid burning! 

6. Vegan Vanilla Sheet Cake

This vegan vanilla sheet cake is a wonderful white sheet cake recipe you need to try! Even if you aren’t vegan, this cake will leave you wanting more. And you can customize the topping to suit your taste. 

The recipe calls for soy milk, which provides a creamy taste, but you can use any plant-based milk that you want!

We have found oat milk works well and almonds too, which can add a nutty undertone to the cake.

You can also swap out the oil to suit whatever you have in or your taste, making it a wonderful recipe for those that like to customize them! 

7. White Chocolate Sheet Cake With White Chocolate Frosting

If you want to try something different, this white chocolate sheet cake is the perfect recipe for you! The huge cake can serve 24 and takes just 2 hours to make!

The light and fluffy white chocolate cake is perfectly sweetened and pairs perfectly with a white chocolate frosting, this cake is a chocolate lover’s dream! 

It’s an easy recipe to follow too, thanks to the use of a white cake mix. It saves you the trouble of making a cake from scratch but still delivers a light, fluffy, and super moist cake.

You can top the frosting with any topping of your choosing too. The recipe suggests chopped pecans, but we think any nut or even more chocolate would work well! 

8. White Almond Sheet Cake

If you like your cakes to have a nutty taste to them, try this recipe±! The moist cake is topped with a delicious frosting with hints of almond throughout, adding a different taste to the classic white sheet cake. 

For those with nut allergies, you can still make this recipe too! Simply swap the almond for vanilla extract to enjoy a sweet and flavorful cake.

You can customize this cake with ease too. While the recipe doesn’t call for toppings, you could add any that you like!

Chopped nuts, sprinkles, coconut, or chocolate chips work well with this light and fluffy cake. 

9. White Texas Sheet Cake

For those that enjoy a different flavor, we have the recipe for you! This white Texas sheet cake recipe adds sour cream to the cake and frosting.

Not only does this make the cake super moist, but it adds a slight tang! The flavor is certainly unique, and one we think you will love! 

Plus, this cake is super easy to make! All of the steps are easy to follow, and the notes help you find the right timings for your cake, regardless of the size of tin that you use.

You also get some suggestions for toppings and pairings to serve with the cake. It works best with fresh raspberries or strawberries, but you can add anything you see fit. 

10. Buttermilk Texas Sheet Cake

Traditionally, buttermilk is used for a Texas sheet cake, so why not stick with tradition and use this recipe? You can expect a delicious dessert that is a crowd-pleaser whenever you serve it! 

This cake is topped with a rich buttercream frosting, giving you a sweet and creamy cake that everyone will love!

The recipe is easy to follow, with just a few simple steps that will allow you to make a creamy and tasty cake!

You can top the cake with any toppings you want too! Toasted nuts, fruit, or chocolate chips work well with this frosting and buttermilk cake. 

11. Quick White Texas Sheet Cake

Finally, we have this delicious recipe from Allrecipes. The white Texas sheet cake is super quick, taking just 40 minutes to make!

That’s one of the quickest on today’s list! Despite being quick to make, you still get 24 generous servings and a moist and delicious cake you will love! 

The creamy frosting features chopped pecans mixed in and some almond extract to add to the nutty flavor.

Those with nut allergies can swap the almond extract for vanilla and the nuts for chocolate chips or fruit if you prefer. 

The recipe itself is easy to follow and allows you to create a light, yet moist cake that is sure to be a crowd-pleaser! 

Final Thoughts

And there you have it, 11 best white sheet cake recipes you need to try today!

Whether you want to make a classic white sheet cake or a gluten-free, vegan, or chocolate-based sheet cake, we are sure you will have found the recipe you are looking for today! 

Don’t forget to make use of the tips and tricks provided today and in the recipes for a successful sheet cake. Happy baking!

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