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16 Best Amaretti Cookies Recipes You Will Love

This Italian pastry is a tasty cookie to eat alongside a rich cup of coffee thanks to its sweet almond flavor and soft, light texture.

Many people love amaretti cookies because they are a mature type of cookie that is great for adults – but instead of buying them from your local grocery store, why not try making your very own? 

16 Best Amaretti Cookies Recipes You Will Love

There are a lot of great amaretti cookie recipes out there, each with its own quirks and twists on this classic recipe.

This means that you are bound to find the right recipe for you! Check out the list below and find the ultimate amaretti cookie recipe for you! 

1. Classic Amaretti Cookies

If you have never made amaretti cookies before (yet alone any kind of cookie) then it’s a good idea to start out with a simple, classic recipe. 

This recipe will help you make a batch of plain but delicious amaretti cookies in just over 30 minutes.

It’s easy to follow and has few ingredients, making it a great beginner’s recipe to try out.

Once you have mastered this recipe, you can move on and try out some more exciting recipes for a different type of amaretti cookie! 

2. Authentic Amaretti Cookies

Modern amaretti cookies made in the US use almonds to get that sweet but toasty flavor.

However, authentic amaretti cookies from Italy are made a little differently. They are made with apricot kernels and bitter almonds for a more intense taste. 

Of course, if you prefer the sweet American version of the amaretti cookie, then this recipe may not be the right one for you.

On the other hand, if you love trying authentic cuisines from other countries, this recipe will show you how to make traditional amaretti cookies just like how they are made in their country of origin!

3. Sicilian Almond Cookies

Want a quick and super easy recipe for amaretti cookies? Then check out this recipe for Sicilian Almond cookies. 

These cookies are Sicily’s own spin on the classic amaretti and use just a handful of ingredients.

This makes them super quick to bake and eat, although they may look a little rough around the edges. 

4. Chewy Amaretti Cookies

Traditional amaretti cookies are served with a light dusting of powdered sugar and are light and crumbly in texture.

However, this recipe puts its own spin by semi-caramelizing the cookies so they have a crisp outer coat and a gooey, chewy inside texture. 

This makes it a great recipe to try if you don’t like how dry classic amaretti cookies can taste.

It still has that rich almond flavor but the difference in texture makes it a fun alternative to try out! 

5. Vegan Amaretti Cookies

Most amaretti cookie recipes use animal products like egg whites, and this makes them unsuitable for vegan consumption.

As a result, vegans are often left out when the amaretti cookies are passed around at parties – but not anymore! 

This recipe will show you how to make a delicious batch of vegan-friendly amaretti cookies. This means that no one will be left out and everyone will have the chance to enjoy your baking! 

6. Coconut Amaretti Cookies

Almonds go well with a ton of other flavors, but one of the best is coconut. Like almonds, coconuts are sweet in a subtle, natural way.

Plus, they are very tropical and light, which helps balance the toasty earthiness of almonds. 

So, it’s easy to see why coconut and almonds are often paired together in a lot of desserts and pastries.

This includes amaretti cookies – this recipe will help you add some shredded coconut to your amaretti cookies for a subtle, tropical flavor to make your cookies extra sweet. 

7. Lemon Amaretti Cookies

Another great flavor that almonds work so well with is lemon.

Lemon is a sharp, citrus flavor that helps add a zesty taste to your desserts, and is a great way to turn a plain treat into something refreshing and energizing. 

As a result, lemon amaretti cookies are very popular.

They’re especially popular during the summer when high temperatures help you appreciate the cool, zesty flavor of lemon even more! 

8. Chocolate Amaretti Cookies

Whatever the treat or dessert, someone will try adding chocolate to it to create something new. The same thing has happened with amaretti cookies.

The sweet, earthy taste of almonds pairs wonderfully with chocolate, so chocolate amaretti cookies just make sense to make! 

If you love chocolate (and let’s be real, who doesn’t?) you are bound to enjoy this version of the classic amaretti cookie.

Check out the recipe above and try making them yourself! 

9. Espresso Amaretti Cookies

Amaretti cookies are traditionally enjoyed with coffee as a quick snack, so this recipe is a great one to try if you want to capture that experience in just one bite. 

It adds a rich chocolate and espresso flavor to your amaretti cookies to help make them luxurious and indulgent.

This paired with the earthy nuttiness of almonds gives them a sweet but bitter combination that is totally unique.

As a result, espresso amaretti cookies are a mature and elegant treat that adults will love

10. Pistachio Amaretti Cookies

Pistachios are slightly sweet seeds (yes, they are seeds and not actually nuts!) that are used to help bring a crunchy texture to a lot of desserts and sweet treats.

They work great with almonds for this reason as almonds can also be served crunchy for texture and help complement the sweetness of the pistachio. 

If you love nutty, earthy flavors, then pistachio amaretti cookies are just the recipe for you! 

11. Orange Amaretti Cookies

Orange is one of the most widely loved flavors in the world.

It’s refreshing and vibrant, but also comforting and cozy when paired with other rich, sweet flavors like chocolate.

Because of this, orange flavors often find their way into a lot of different desserts – including amaretti cookies. 

Orange and almonds pair together wonderfully and help create amaretti cookies that are sweet, light, and eye-brightening. 

12. Matcha Amaretti Cookies

So Amaretti cookies go great with strong, bitter coffee – but what about tea? 

Matcha tea is a bright, vibrant powdered tea that tastes slightly bitter and nutty with a natural sweetness.

This makes it an ideal tea to pair with amaretti cookies as the almonds are also bitter and nutty with a subtle sweetness. 

Instead of drinking matcha tea alongside classic amaretti cookies, try this recipe which combines the two together into one single cookie.

Not only do they taste amazing, but the bright green color is eye-catching and gives your cookies a beautiful aesthetic. 

13. Cherry Amaretti Cookies

Cherries are rich, dark but very sweet fruits. They’re the ultimate fruit for indulgent desserts and are often paired with similar luxurious ingredients like chocolate. 

If you want to enrich your classic amaretti cookies, then adding cherries is a great idea.

This recipe will show you how to do just that by replacing the almond on Sicilian amaretti cookies with a delicious cocktail cherry.

They’re easy to make and taste great thanks to the combination of sweet cherries and bitter almonds. 

14. Confetti Amaretti Cookies

Who needs a birthday cake when you can have confetti amaretti cookies? 

These soft, chewy amaretti cookies are made with colorful rainbow sprinkles and cake batter to make a fun and fuller batch of amaretti cookies.

The cake batter helps the cookies to swell while they bake, allowing cracks to break through so the colorful sprinkles can be seen underneath. 

This is a great recipe to try if you want a colorful treat to serve at kids’ parties as they’re so bright and vibrant, they are sure to catch a lot of eyes. Plus – they taste great! 

15. Keto Chocolate Amaretti Cookies

Following a keto diet means you are constantly on the lookout for foods that are high in fat but low in carbs to help your body burn more fat to replace what you take in.

Sweet desserts, cakes, and cookies are a great snack for those on a keto diet – and so, this recipe will help you make keto chocolate amaretti cookies. 

16. Christmas Amaretti Cookies

This recipe puts a whole new twist on the classic amaretti cookie. It adds a ton of warm spices, toasty walnuts, and strong brandy to help bring a cozy Christmas vibe to your amaretti cookies.

The sweet but bitter almonds are still present and are complemented by the flavors of mincemeat and walnut. 

Overall, this is a very savory type of amaretti cookie which is great to try out during the holidays.

However, it can be tricky to make as there are lots of different ingredients to prepare! 


So, there you have it! The top 16 best amaretti cookie recipes! 

As you can see, you have a ton of choices open to you so you can make the best batch of amaretti cookies that meet your taste preferences.

Check them out above, pick out your favorite recipes, and give them a go! Good luck and happy baking! 

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