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10 Tasty Fall Desserts To Make This Weekend

Fall is a time of harvest known for bringing in darker nights, cold winds, and flailing leaves.

However, as iconic as some of the imagery of the season can be, perhaps one of the most iconic things about fall is the food that is served up at that time of the year.

10 Tasty Fall Desserts To Make This Weekend

There are so many unique desserts that are commonly served up in those colder months, but as such, you may find yourself completely at a loss for which ones to make yourself!

As a result, we are here to help, by showing you 10 of our very favorite fall dessert recipes that you could easily make this weekend! 

Dive in by reading below. There are some seriously amazing recipes here that you will not want to miss.

1. Sweet Potato Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin pie is already incredibly delicious as it is, so you can likely imagine that adding some extra sweet potato can be an easy way to make it taste even better. 

Not only does the addition of sweet potato add a rich and sweet earthy flavor, but it also helps to create a unique texture that you will not find in any other pumpkin pie recipe across the internet. 

We loved how easy it was to implement sweet potato into this recipe to create a dessert that tastes just like a classic pumpkin pie but has a unique twist that sets it apart from the rest. You’ve got to give it a try yourself! 

2. Pumpkin Muffins

Few ingredients scream ‘fall’ quite like pumpkin. Pumpkin has really come into vogue lately thanks to its unique flavor that instantly gets us in the spirit of the season.

One of the best pumpkin-inspired recipes we have come across recently is this awesome recipe for pumpkin muffins.

Biting into each of these muffins is a treat unto itself. They are incredibly soft and moist, and they easily release the warming flavor of pumpkin across your palate.

These muffins are deceptively simple, and look totally gorgeous displayed on a plate amongst other Fall foods, thanks to their warm golden color!

Best of all, these muffins taste so incredibly rich that there is also no need for any icing or other decorating to be added to the tops, making them incredibly easy and simple to make in large batches.

3. Churros

You can’t go wrong with churros. Churros are so incredibly simple, but are a total favorite amongst so many people over the Fall season. 

Like biting into fried heaven, churros are fantastically indulgent, and the layer of sugar dusting that lightly surrounds each churro helps to make them a must-have for any Fall dessert menu (see also ‘15 Best Italian Desserts To Make Today‘).

There are countless churro recipes to be found across the internet, but we believe that this is one of the best of the best.

Not only are the resulting churros easy to make, and taste delicious, but the recipe is also directly inspired by Disney’s own recipe for churros served within the numerous Disney Parks! 

It’s difficult to resist going back for one more of these churros, so make sure to make plenty, as they will prove very popular in the family!

4. Carrot Cake

Carrot cake is another incredibly iconic dessert that is best enjoyed over the Fall season, thanks to how warming it can be, and how perfectly the cake can fit in with the rest of a Fall aesthetic.

However, because carrot cake is so iconic, it can be tough to find the perfect recipe for it. Of all of the thousands of carrot cake recipes across the web, we have no doubt that this is the very best. 

Not only is the resulting carrot cake oozing with flavor, but it is also incredibly moist. The cake is so easy to eat, and is so soft that it’s like biting into a cloud!

Best of all, you don’t have to put in too much effort to pull this recipe off and get a perfectly moist carrot cake that you and everyone else will adore.

5. Caramel Apple Pie

This apple pie recipe is nothing like what you’d expect. Sure, it is packed with plenty of juicy and fresh apples, but it is also practically oozing with salted caramel sauce that easily releases itself with every single bite you take.

The savory flavor of the sauce is complemented by the sweet notes from the apple and the creamy notes from the caramel. 

And when it comes to texture, this dessert has it where it counts, thanks to its crumb topping that is crunchy and satisfying to bite into.

Every single bite of this dessert seems to bring with it a new host of flavors and sensations, so you will have a very difficult time resisting a second helping! 

This indulgent dessert makes for a great closer to a Fall feast, and a great way to finish off a fantastic night amongst family and friends.

6. Apple Fritters

You might assume that making your own apple fritters at home would be difficult, but this recipe proves that it can be totally easy, and still result in perfectly crispy pockets of heaven.

We can guarantee that you will be salivating in no time as you make these fritters. The scent of the apples as you chop them up, and the smell of the batter as the fritters fry will easily get your appetite going.

And the second you take a bite of each fritter will be a totally magical moment. They begin to slowly melt on your tongue, releasing their flavors.

These are best served warm, especially alongside a sweet dipping sauce!

7. Snickerdoodle Cobbler

A cobbler is a great treat for the Fall, thanks to how immediately warming it is. The smell of a cobbler slowly cooking away will quickly fill your kitchen, and have you ready to take your first bite of the cinnamon treat that awaits you. 

The combination of flavors and ingredients included in this cobbler is totally magical, and when served alongside a helping of ice cream, you’ll very quickly have a Fall treat worth remembering.

8. Pumpkin Coffee Cake

Coffee cake is one of the world’s most indulgent treats. The combination of the mature and refreshing taste of coffee combined with the soft and moist wonder of the cake could not possibly be better, right?

Well, this recipe would argue that adding a little bit of extra pumpkin flavor to the recipe is a great way to bring coffee cake even further!

We love how well the addition of pumpkin works in this recipe, and how easy it was to add. 

If you are particularly fond of your annual pumpkin spice lattes, then this is definitely a cake made just for you! 

9. Caramel Apples

Caramel apples are a total staple dessert of the Fall season, and this recipe will show you how to create your own with total ease. 

Of all of the caramel apple recipes across the internet, this has to be one of our absolute favorites.

Not only does it show you how to create the perfect caramel dipping sauce that easily wraps around the apples, but it also has plenty of interesting suggestions for things to coat the apples in to make each and every one unique! 

These are a great treat to make for a party or another event, as they are fun to eat and share out, but they are also really fun to make, allowing you to get creative with your toppings and coatings!

10. Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chocolate chip cookies are one of the simplest pleasures on this earth, and though they are perfectly enjoyable when made in their basic form, adding a little bit of pumpkin magic to the mix can be a great way to make such cookies taste even better. 

The inclusion of pumpkin helps to somehow make the cookies taste even better, and gives them a beautiful sense of warmth to their flavor. There are few simpler and better ways to celebrate the Fall season and its amazing flavors than with this amazing cookie recipe!

Try it out for yourself, you’ll no doubt be amazed at just how amazing you can make ordinary cookies taste.

To Wrap Up

Fall is one of the best times of the year to indulge yourself in some delicious and decadent desserts, and these are without doubt some of the best indulgent desserts you could possibly treat yourself to.

Each of the recipes we have listed above offers a different experience, but all of them make the absolute best of Fall’s iconic ingredients, scents, and tastes, so make sure to give some of them a try today!

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