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10 Best Mochi Donut Recipes You Need To Try

Donuts are a great dessert, but they can start to feel a little samey, can’t they?

Once you’ve had one kind of ringed donut, there are only so many ways that you can add extra ingredients, interesting toppings, and even fillings, before you start to feel like you’re repeating some of the ideas and flavors.

10 Best Mochi Donut Recipes You Need To Try

They’re still delicious, but isn’t there any other way to add something new to this classic confectionary?

Well, you’re in luck, because clearly, the inventors behind mochi donuts were thinking the same thing!

This combination of both American and Japanese snacks has taken the world by storm, with a truly staggering amount of different flavors and recipe ideas out there.

If this sounds like just the sort of new dessert idea that you’ve been meaning to try, then you need to check out this amazing list of recipes that we have collected of this amazing fusion recipe!

1. Mochi Donuts

So, this might be a pretty new and interesting type of dessert that some readers may not have heard of before. So let’s start with a classic take on this modern dessert recipe!

As the name suggests, this dessert is a combination of both mochi and donut doughs, that are around in six, bubble-shaped rings.

But what we love in particular about this unique kind of donut, this recipe included, is that it feels like a true blend of flavors and recipes. This isn’t a donut that looks or tastes a little bit like mochi, or mochi dough shaped like a donut.

Everything, from the texture to the preparation, to the flavors that you can get, is a perfect fusion between these two desserts.

Make sure you’ve got the perfect glaze for this recipe! The texture of these donuts benefits from a little extra icing sweetness!

2. Amazing Mochi Donuts

Now, if you’re looking to make mochi donuts that are real showstoppers, then this is the recipe for you.

You’ll need to keep an eye out for the specific ingredients that you’re using, as that is key to getting the texture right for these unique donuts.

Not only do you need to use rice flour, but you’ll also need to make sure it’s glutinous. Not only are you making icing, but you’ll also need plenty of different ingredients to get that bright, colorful appearance that you’ll be looking for.

The key to presentation in this dish is making the perfect glaze. This isn’t some simple powdered sugar and water being mixed recipe here. These glazes are packed full of all kinds of flavors and ingredients.

From vanilla to cream, to white chocolate, to actual fresh strawberries. These glazes push this donut recipe over the edge, turning them from a pretty good mochi donut dish to something truly out of this world.

3. Mochi Donuts

Plenty of amazing authors and bakers have come up with their special versions of these donuts, so it’s not like you’re going to struggle to find a good recipe to follow!

What we particularly love about this recipe is how simple it makes the whole baking process.

The instructions for making the batter lays out every step incredibly simply, meaning that anyone can give these amazing donuts a try.

Plus, once the dough has been prepared and proven (if necessary), the actual cooking time is incredibly short.

It takes just 10 minutes to turn this batter into a beautiful donut dish that will melt in your mouth, It’s the perfect recipe if you have a big batch of batter that you need to work through fast!

4. Mochi Donuts

It’s kind of amazing just how popular these types of desserts have become in the 20 years since when the first mochi donut was created. We guess a lot of people were looking for something different!

Many people will often wonder if they’re getting their mochi donuts right when frying or baking them. The trick to knowing for sure is to take a look at the texture on the inside of your donut.

Unlike traditional donuts, which tend to have a very light and fluffy inside, the texture of a mochi donut will be noticeably softer, being quite spongy in the center, even bouncy, in a very similar way to traditional mochi.

As we said, this is a perfect marriage between these two very different kinds of desserts!

And, once again, remember to go all out with the ingredients for the glaze. It’s this combination that seals the deal for making the perfect, delightful dessert!

5. Easy Mochi Donuts

One of the things that can often put people off trying to learn to cook or bake is the perceived difficulty of trying to learn these recipes.

After all, they look so professional when they buy them in a store or café, so they must be difficult, right?

It’s a common misconception and one that this recipe tries to clear up with an easy-to-follow list of instructions!

If you don’t have access to a fryer or don’t want to fry your mochi donuts, this recipe can be baked in an oven instead, for a healthier, more cake-like texture inside.

As this implies, though, this will change quite a lot of how the texture and flavors taste and feel in the final baked product.

But on the plus side, you’ll also have a much healthier baked good that still tastes amazing!

6. Mochi Donuts In 10 Ingredients

Although the actual baking process for a good mochi donut can be pretty simple, one thing that is a little trickier to ignore is that the ingredients list necessary to make these donuts is a little out of the box when compared to, say, a traditional donut.

Tapioca and sweet rice flour aren’t exactly everyday ingredients that you can just buy from every corner store, are they?

So, if you’re looking for ways to help keep your mochi donut recipes simple, the best way is to narrow down the number of ingredients you need to make your dessert. This is a lesson that this recipe has taken to heart!

With just 9 ingredients necessary to make these donuts, you won’t have to spend hours looking for just the right items for this dessert. 

Plus, it’s not a particularly long recipe to make, either. Because it is a frying recipe, you can have a batch of mochi donuts ready that tastes amazing in as little as 5 minutes. Now that’s fast!

Just make sure the dough has time to prove for at least an hour or 2. That dough is going to come out feeling particularly moist and chewy if you just throw it straight into your fryer!

7. Easy Mochi Donuts

We feel that readers must have plenty of access to recipes that allow them to make their favorite desserts, which is why we have included so many easy-to-make recipes in this guide, this one included.

If you’re looking for a simple way to add even more visual flare to your favorite mochi donut recipes, we wholeheartedly recommend adding a dash of sprinkles to your recipes list too.

It’s the perfect way to make these brightly colored donuts stand out even more, especially for young kids!

8. Matcha & Raspberry Mochi Donuts

When adding mochi to a dessert recipe like a donut, you’re opening up a potentially massive world of flavor possibilities as well.

So many in fact, that it’s kind of hard just to nail it down to a few that you want to include in your mochi donuts. After all, how do you pick between green tea, red beans, plum wine, and peach iced tea?

Fortunately, these particular mochi donuts help keep the extra flavors simple, while also opening up your palette to some of the more classic mochi flavors like matcha!

Plus, who doesn’t love a good strawberry-flavored donut?

This is a great flavor to use for newbies and young children alike!

9. Mochi Donuts Recipe

We just love the chewy texture that this next recipe has in store for you!

Abandoning the more familiar bubble-shaped ring donut design, this recipe instead makes the mochi donuts into these delicious, fried, and sugar-coated calls of spongy dough for you to enjoy!

10. Baked Apple Cider Mochi Donuts

Apple cider? In my confectionery dessert? Is this legit?

Well, yes, actually, as it turns out!

After all, apple is one of the most popular flavors for both donuts and mochi. So why wouldn’t we see this well-loved fruit flavor in a combination recipe like this?

The use of apple cider vinegar means that you can get a lot of that fruit flavor from just a small concentrate, which helps keep the mochi recipe virtually the same, while still adding flavor.

Treat it less like adding apple juice or chunks to a recipe, and more along the lines of vanilla extract. An apple extract, if you will!

Plus, you can add your favorite apple cider vinegar to these donuts, to make them that much more familiar!

Final Thoughts

So, as you can see, there’s no stopping the hype train that is the mochi donut hype train!

And once you’ve tried a few of these recipes for yourself, you’ll be on that flavor roller coaster yourself!

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