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How To Freeze Wedding Cake

The chances are that your wedding cake will be the most expensive cake that you ever buy.

These cakes are renowned for their grandiose nature and they mark a momentous occasion. 

Wedding cakes are one of the most popular wedding traditions. After all, who doesn’t love cake?!

Many people save the top tier of their wedding cake. Newlyweds often freeze parts of the wedding cake as a sign of good luck for their first anniversary.

So if you want to freeze your wedding cake, this guide will lead you through the process!

How To Freeze Wedding Cake

Whether you are following the tradition of freezing the top layer of cake or you just want to keep some for later, here’s how you can freeze your cake:

  1. Before the wedding, inform the catering staff that you want to keep part of the cake for later.
    This way, you will ensure that the cake isn’t accidentally cut into and eaten.
    Not to mention, the members of staff can help you to store the tier of wedding cake.
  2. Get rid of any decorations. This can include ribbon and sugar flowers. Small decorative elements, such as little flowers on the cake, can be left if desired. It can be a little time-consuming to remove all these minor decorations.
  3. If the cake is placed on a cardboard base, replace it with a plastic plate.
  4. Put the cake in the fridge for approximately three hours or in the freezer for one hour. This will cause the cake’s icing to harden. As a result, the icing won’t stick to the plastic wrap when you freeze it fully. 
  5. Cover the cake in plastic wrap or aluminum foil. Ideally, you should give it two layers to protect the cake as much as possible. Ensure that the cake is wrapped tightly to eliminate air bubbles and freezer burn.
  6. Place the cake in an airtight container to protect it further. 
  7. Put the cake in the freezer and defrost it when you are ready.

Should You Freeze A Wedding Cake?

It’s completely up to you whether or not you want to freeze your wedding cake. 

The reason why many couples freeze their wedding cake is due to a time-honored tradition.

According to this tradition, it’s good luck for couples to eat the remains of their wedding cake on the first anniversary of their wedding. It’s a symbol of prosperity.

But the tradition dates back even further. In the 19th century, fruit cakes were typically served at weddings. These fruit cakes could be easily preserved.

They would be eaten not just for an anniversary, but also during the christening of the couple’s firstborn child.

Some couples are quite reluctant to follow this tradition. They are afraid that the cake will be unpleasant when kept for this long.

The truth is that the cake can still taste delicious so long as it is properly stored.

Of course, this is merely a tradition. So feel free to break or follow it depending on your preference.

If you don’t want to keep your cake for this long, you can defrost it before your first anniversary.

How Do You Defrost The Wedding Cake?

How Do You Defrost The Wedding Cake

When you’re ready to have the remainder of your wedding cake, you will first need to defrost it.

Unfortunately, this can be quite a difficult process, as improper thawing can cause the icing to become marked.

Yet, the proper defrosting technique can be easy. All you have to do is:

  1. Remove the cake from the freezer at least 24 hours before you plan on serving it.
  2. Get rid of the plastic wrap and return the cake to the airtight container. Then put the cake in the fridge.
  3. Wait for the cake to begin defrosting in the fridge. This should take just a few hours.
  4. Now you can take the cake out of the fridge and leave it at room temperature.
    It will take around 2 hours for the cake to reach room temperature.
    Therefore, you should take the cake out of the fridge at least 2 hours before serving it. 
  5. Celebrate your special day with a delicious slice of cake!

How Long Does A Wedding Cake Last?

This will depend on what type of wedding cake you have. Generally, wedding cakes only last around 3 days when stored at room temperature before it becomes dry.

When kept in the fridge, the wedding cake will last a little longer.

The best way of preserving your wedding cake is to freeze it.

Though these cakes are intended to stay fresh for a year when kept in the freezer, some people maintain that they should be used within 3 months.

This is because freezer burn can occur after these 3 months.

Freezer burn occurs when frozen food has lost all moisture. As a result, the quality of the food declines.

Ultimately, some cakes that are frozen for a year will last better than others. Boozy fruit cakes have great longevity.

Sponge cake doesn’t keep particularly well, so you may wish to defrost it within 3 months.

Icing will also help cakes to remain fresh for longer, as it will retain moisture. Not to mention, it is a barrier that protects the cake from the air.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Keep Wedding Cake For 2 Years?

Unfortunately, most wedding cakes will not last this long, even when frozen. Once you have defrosted the cake, its quality will be poor.

If you are determined to keep a wedding cake for this long, your best bet is to freeze a fruit cake.

Can A Buttercream Wedding Cake Be Frozen?

Yes, a buttercream wedding cake can be frozen. Ideally, you should use this cake within 6 months of freezing. If properly stored, it may last for a whole year in the freezer.

Final Thoughts

It can be fun to partake in the tradition of freezing wedding cake(see also: Putting Your Wedding Cake Under Your Pillow: What Is This Tradition?).

Plus, this is an incredibly straightforward process that will allow you to eat a detectable cake a year later. #

According to tradition, this technique will result in a more successful marriage!

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