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Can You Freeze Brownies?

Brownies are a popular dessert, known for their gooey texture, indulgent chocolate flavor, and their relatively easy recipe that can be whipped up in no time at all.

Can You Freeze Brownies?

But just how well do brownies last, and can they be frozen to preserve them for longer? 

Can They Be Frozen?

Brownies can indeed be frozen, and is a pretty easy process thanks to their consistency and sturdiness. 

How Can You Freeze Brownies?

When it comes to freezing brownies, there are two main methods you can use. 

On The Tray

Brownies are made by pouring the brownie mix into a dish or tray, creating one large square of chocolate goodness (see also ‘Can You Make Brownies Without Eggs‘).

This is perhaps the easiest state within which to freeze brownies, and depending on the size of your freezer space, can save a lot of time and hassle. 

For this, simply leave them on the tray and freeze the whole thing. However, it is important to wait until they have sufficiently cooled, and to cover them with saran wrap, foil, or some other covering that can protect them from germs and debris. 

This generally works better if the brownies are being saved for an up and coming occasion, and means you can simply remove the tray from the freezer, thaw the brownies, and then cut and serve them. 


Of course, if you have leftover brownies that you do not intend to eat straight away, then you can freeze them individually. 

For this, you can either wrap them individually, or you can collectively wrap and freeze them together.

Either way, this is much easier for defrosting, as the smaller surface area allows them to thaw more quickly, and means that you can take them out and consume them as and when you feel like it. 

How Long Can They Be Frozen For?

Generally speaking, brownies can last up to three months in the freezer, assuming they are frozen at the correct temperature, and that the freezer is working perfectly throughout. 

Of course, there are other factors that go into this – with the choices you make determining just how long they can last, and what condition they will be in upon thawing. 

How They’re Wrapped

How They’re Wrapped

The materials they are wrapped in will also determine just how well they stay frozen, and the length of time they can be stored for. 

The best way to freeze them, according to experts, is to wrap them tightly in saran wrap, and then coat that in an extra layer of tinfoil for further protection. 

How They’re Stored

It also greatly depends on how much space there is in the freezer around them. This might sound strange and confusing, but a fuller freezer is actually more efficient and effective at maintaining temperature than an empty one. 

This is because the other frozen food actually helps maintain the temperature of the freezer, thus ensuring your brownies remain safe and frozen for longer. 

How They’re Served

If the brownies are plain, then they will undoubtedly last for a longer period of time in the freezer.

However, if they have toppings – such as cream or icing – they will not store for as long, and can go bad if you leave them frozen for too long. 

How Will They Taste After Thawing? 

When you freeze anything, you have to account for slight changes to the texture and taste of the product. 

After all, the act of freezing freezes all of the water molecules within the food in question, changing the structure drastically.

This can cause foods to expand or contract, depending on what they are, and then when they are thawed, this equally drastic change can cause them to warp once more. 

How To Defrost Brownies

Of course, the defrosting process is something that also needs to be done correctly, namely to make sure that they are left to defrost at a comfortable temperature, and not exposed to heat that can cause problems regarding food hygiene and safety. 

Ultimately, the best way to defrost them is to let the process happen naturally.

This is the best way to ensure they are in a good condition when it comes time to eat them, and has the best odds of them turning out in the same condition as when they were frozen. 

Depending on the time frame you are working to though – for example if you need them for an event – then you might choose to defrost them in the microwave. 

However, this should be taken with a pinch of salt, and it should be acknowledged that the probability of errors and things going wrong can increase exponentially by doing this.

The best way to achieve success through this method is to defrost them for longer on a lower heat setting. 

How Long Can They Be Stored Naturally? 

Of course, they can also last naturally – i.e. without being frozen.

Of course, the time for which they will remain edible will be substantially shorter than if they are frozen, but this can be the better option if you are baking for an event that is taking place the next day – or some similar scenario. 

When they are properly wrapped with saran wrap, and then covered with foil again, brownies can last for approximately five days – especially if they are wrapped tightly and stored properly in a refrigerator.

This can be perfect for events that are not too far away, and means that they remain fresh and tasty without having to freeze them. 

Final Thoughts

And there we have it, everything you need to know about brownies, and just how long they can be frozen for after baking (see also ‘How Long to Let Brownies Cool‘) . 

Brownies are a versatile, simple, and delicious dessert, and one that is enjoyed by manner (see also ‘How to Cut Brownies‘).

What’s more, thanks to them being easy to freeze, it means that food waste isn’t an issue, be it for large family gatherings, or a home baking session.

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