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15 Best Wedding Cake Toppers For Every Wedding

Wedding cakes are one of the most important parts of weddings, but it’s never complete without the perfect cake topper!

When it comes to choosing the best cake topper, you need something that is going to match you and your partner, while also sticking to the theme of the whole wedding.

Best Wedding Cake Toppers For Every Wedding

Finding inspiration for the best wedding cake toppers is no easy task though, and that is why we are here to help you!

Regardless of what sort of theme you are trying to create for your wedding, you are sure to find the perfect wedding cake topper here.

We have put together a list of 15 of the best wedding cake toppers that will work in every wedding, regardless of what theme you are going for!

15 Best Wedding Cake Toppers For Every Wedding

Whether you want something that will perfectly reflect the personalities of you and your partner, or you just want a wedding cake topper that fits with all your other decor, we have got you covered!

Read on to find out more about the 15 best wedding cake toppers and find the inspiration you need to really take your cake to the next level!

1. Donut Wedding Cake Topper

This first option might seem a bit silly to some, but if you and your partner have a great sense of humor then it is going to be perfect for you!

This donut wedding cake (see also: 15 Best Donut Wedding Cakes For Every Wedding)topper takes the classic bride and groom topper and turns the little figures into donut counterparts!

It is a bit silly, but overall it’s fun and it is also incredibly unique. You are sure to get a few laughs when your guests see this topper and it will certainly be memorable!

2. Owl Wedding Cake Topper

This is another quirky option that your wedding guests won’t forget any time soon.

There’s something quite rustic and outdoorsy about this owl wedding cake topper and it is perfect for anyone who wants a bit of tradition, but still wants to keep their wedding unique and personal to them!

The bride and groom owls are incredibly cute as well- look at that mini top hat!

3. Rustic Bride & Groom

The most classic wedding cake toppers usually feature miniature figures of the bride and groom and this is always a wonderful option to go for.

If you like this idea, but you want to make it a little more personal, then why not try this rustic-style bride-and-groom wedding topper instead?

It’s incredibly cute by design and the flower arch gives it a rustic feel that will pair incredibly well with practically any cake!

4. Initials Wedding Cake Topper

Sure, the bride and groom wedding cake toppers are classic and original, but if you would rather try something a little different without being too over the top, give these initials wedding cake toppers a try instead!

They make a statement while also remaining quite subtle, so they are perfect if you want your cake topper to make an impact without taking away attention from the cake too much.

5. Branch-Style Heart Wedding Cake Topper

This wedding cake topper is both rustic and natural, and incredibly creative if you really want a cake topper that is a little more unexpected.

The inclusion of some beautiful flowers adds a lovely pop of color that will really contrast well with the white cake!

The design of the heart is incredibly beautiful as well, with just enough detail for it to complement the rest of the cake.

It doesn’t take away attention from the cake, but rather, it enhances it and gives the cake a more natural feel!

6. Dog Wedding Cake Topper

If your paw pals are a big part of your and your partner’s lives, then it only makes sense that you include them in your wedding topper design!

This wedding cake topper is very much all about the bride and the groom, but it shows how important the dogs in your life are too!

This wedding cake topper is incredibly cute and endearing, and it’s a great cake topper to use if you want to include your dogs in your special day!

7. Bride & Groom Flamingo Wedding Cake Topper

This bridge and groom flamingo wedding cake topper is a bit unconventional, but it’s definitely different and on theme!

The brightly colored flamingos will add a lovely pop of color to your cake, and your guests won’t soon forget it!

This is another one that is a bit different and great if you and your partner have a good sense of humor. Weddings are serious events, but that doesn’t mean they have to be completely zapped of fun!

8. DIY Wood Wedding Cake Toppers

If you are a bit more crafty or you want something a bit more rustic for your wedding then you should definitely look into these beautiful DIY wood wedding cake toppers.

They are incredibly simple to throw together and they get the right message across without being too excessive.

They pair beautifully well with practically any wedding cake and decor as well, so this is a great idea if you want to try something a bit different!

You can customize them to say whatever you want as well, or even include images, so don’t be afraid to get creative with them!

9. Heart Foliage Wedding Cake Topper

Here’s another incredibly unique wedding cake topper that is perfect for anyone who is having a more natural or outdoorsy wedding. It perfectly gets the point across without having to stick to traditional toppers.

The heart itself is incredibly beautiful as well. The green adds a lovely pop of color to the whole cake without being too over the top.

If you are having a white and green wedding, this wedding cake topper could be the last piece of the puzzle you are looking for!

10. Bunting Wedding Cake Topper

This bunting wedding cake topper is simple and to the point. It perfectly fits into all different kinds of wedding themes and you are able to customize the lettering to make it even more personal to you and your partner.

Regardless of what your cake looks like, this bunting wedding cake topper is going to match and complement it perfectly.

You can even look into different styles and colors, but this option works as a good starting point to work off of. Sometimes, simple is better than complicated, and this is a great example of that!

11. Silhouette Mr & Mrs. Wedding Cake Topper

This wedding cake topper has a bit more detail, but because it is all in a silhouette design, that means it can pair with whatever cake you end up having.

It perfectly portrays the love and cares you and your newlywed spouse have for each other and it reminds everyone what your wedding day is all about!

By adding the married last name to the cake topper, you are also showing everyone the start of your new family and life together. This is a very romantic choice that sticks to tradition, while also being original.

12. Puzzle Piece Wedding Cake Topper

When people get married, they often refer to their other half as their “puzzle piece” and this wedding cake topper is great if you are better at showing your love rather than telling.

It perfectly expresses the union that has taken place on this special day and shows all of your guests how much you mean to each other.

It’s still fits with the traditional “bride and groom” topper, but it is incredibly original and a bit different from what most people will be expecting!

13. Transparent Mr & Mrs. Wedding Cake Topper

This wedding cake topper is another one that puts a fantastic spin on traditional ideas, without being too over the top.

This wedding cake topper simply says “Mr & Mrs.” on it, but it is on a transparent base, which gives it a see-through look and effect that is incredibly creative and unique!

14. Personalized Name Wedding Cake Topper

Simple and effective, this wedding cake topper just requires you to add your name and your partner’s name to it, and then you can just stick it into your cake! It’s not too fancy, but still perfect for any wedding and any theme.

Your wedding is all about you and your partner, so why not show that through your wedding cake topper?

15. Bride & Groom Fox Wedding Cake Topper

Another rustic-inspired design, this wedding cake topper takes the bridge and groom idea and swaps the humans out for foxes!

It is incredibly cute and unique and perfect for any couples who want something quirky and original for their wedding cake topper.


There are plenty of ideas for you to play around with when it comes to finding the perfect wedding cake topper for your wedding.

All of the ideas on this list are perfect just the way they are, but don’t be afraid to experiment with them a bit to make sure they fit perfectly into your wedding plans!

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