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Your Guide To The Perfect Wedding Cake

Choosing your wedding cake can be fun, but it can also be quite stressful. There are lots of things you need to do to make sure that you get the perfect wedding cake and you might find yourself getting overwhelmed.

Your Guide To The Perfect Wedding Cake

We have put together this guide to the perfect wedding cake to make it much easier for you. Keep reading to find out which steps you need to follow to ensure that you have the perfect cake for your wedding. 

Step One – Inspiration 

The first step to finding your perfect wedding cake is to look for inspiration. Think about the theme of your wedding – color scheme, style – and look online for wedding cakes that fit with that theme.

For example you might search for ‘autumnal rustic wedding cakes’, or ‘romantic floral wedding cakes’.

You can also look on wedding blogs and have a flick through some wedding magazines. Make sure you save any pictures of cakes that you like to show your baker at a later stage. 

Step Two – Budget

Next, you need to decide how much money you are going to spend on a wedding cake. You probably made a budget when you first began planning the wedding which included the wedding cake.

Re-visit your budget and make sure you are still on target – some couples decide to reduce the cake budget to add more money to the dress budget etc.

Once you know how much money you are able to spend, you can begin to narrow down your ideas into realistic options. 

When you are thinking about your wedding cake budget, you need to consider the size of your wedding. There should be enough wedding cake for each guest to have a slice.

Most people end up with cake leftovers because not all guests will eat some, but it is better to have a little too much than not enough. 

Step Three – Supplier 

One of the most important steps in choosing the perfect wedding cake is booking the supplier. Do not leave it too late to do this, as the best ones will book up a long time in advance.

Most wedding cake suppliers do not need the full order details on the date that you book, just some basic information about the wedding and a deposit.

You can finetune your ideas later. You might want to choose a large wedding cake supplier, or go for a smaller local bakery. Think about the logistics – how far is the cake going to have to travel to reach the venue? 

If you are struggling to choose a wedding cake supplier then make sure you have a look and photographs of their previous work and reviews from customers.

Check wedding blogs for weddings that took place in the same area or venue as yours and see which wedding cake suppliers they used and what their experience was like. 

Step Four – Flavors 

Choosing the flavor is everyone’s favorite part of picking a wedding cake. You get to think about your favorite cake flavors and most wedding cake suppliers will also let you taste multiple flavor combinations to select the best one.

There are so many options, and this is an opportunity for a couple to express themselves and choose something that reflects who they are.

The flavor should also go with the theme of the wedding. You can have multiple tiers with different flavors, so you don’t need to choose just one.

Here are some ideas: 

Your Guide To The Perfect Wedding Cake
  • Traditional Wedding – Fruit cake with marzipan 
  • Modern Wedding – Minimalist mint chocolate cake 
  • Spring Wedding – Vanilla and elderflower cake 
  • Summer Wedding – Classic Victoria Sponge cake with fresh fruit 
  • Fall Wedding – Caramel Pecan wedding cake 
  • Winter Wedding – Chocolate orange wedding cake 
  • Destination Wedding – Pina Colada wedding cake 
  • Barnyard wedding – Lavender and honey rustic wedding cake 
  • Elegant Wedding – Champagne and strawberry wedding cake 

Step Five – Design

After you have chosen what flavor your wedding cake will be, you can move on to think about the design. Do you want your wedding cake to look quite traditional, with piped decoration?

You might prefer a naked cake design, or something that uses a lot of fresh flowers. You could go for drip icing or textured frosting.

You might want a colorful design, with watercolor staining on the icing or even an ombre effect. Or a simple two-tone appearance might suit you better. 

There are lots of different things to think about when it comes to design. How many layers or tiers will your cake have? Will the sponge be round or square?

Will the design be minimalist or extravagant? Will the design be linked with the flavor of the cake, the theme of the wedding, or both?

You will need to discuss these options in detail with your supplier, and use the reference images you collected in step one to help you. 

Step Six – Cake Toppers 

As well as the design of the cake itself, you need to think about what cake toppers you might want to use. Do you want traditional bride and groom cake toppers?

Will they be custom made to look like you and your partner? Will they be edible or made out of plastic? You might prefer to have a sign made to top the cake, including your names or ‘Just Married’.

Some couples choose to avoid the classic cake toppers and use more decorations instead, like flowers or fresh fruit. 

Step Seven – Presentation 

There is no point having the perfect wedding cake if you don’t present it properly at the venue. Make sure there is a cake table with a cake stand so that all of your guests will be able to see the cake.

You can decorate the cake table in a way that suits your theme – you might want to use white linens, or use a bare wooden table with mason jars filled with flowers.

There needs to be enough space around the table so that your guests can gather around to watch the cutting of the cake. 

Once the cake has been cut, how are your guests going to eat it? Will you be serving it on plates? Or providing small cake boxes for people to take a slice of cake home?

This is something that you can discuss with your wedding cake supplier and your venue to see what ideas they have and whether they are able to provide you with anything. 

Step Eight – Personal Touches 

The final thing to think about is what personal touches you want to add to your wedding cake.

Your wedding is a chance to have everything just right for you and your partner, and it will make your day even more special if you include some details that are very personal.

Perhaps you have a favorite candy that you want to be featured on the cake, or a favorite flower? Some couples choose to have a wedding cake that represents their favorite movie, or their first date.

There are lots of options. Speak to your wedding cake supplier about adding a personal touch to your wedding cake to make it even more perfect. 


This guide tells you everything you need to know about choosing a wedding cake.

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