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8 Best Square Wedding Cake Recipe Ideas For Your Special Day

No special wedding day is truly complete without a wedding cake to go with it right?

The cake is one of the most crucial elements and the part that most people remember about a wedding, so of course, you want it to look just right, and be totally memorable.

8 Best Square Wedding Cake Recipe Ideas For Your Special Day

The only trouble is, finding the perfect design can be pretty daunting. You might have a vague idea of the kind of shape you want, but not as clear a picture of the design you want on top of that shape! 

You’re probably here because you know you want your wedding cake to have a unique square shape, but you want to find a way to make it truly stand out from the crowd.

What are some of the best square wedding cake (see also: 15 Best Wedding Cake Square For Every Wedding)designs on the web? 

Luckily, you’ve come to the right place, and you can read on down below to find out right now!

1. Futuristic Wedding Cake

If you want to give your square wedding cake a truly flashy edge, then you really cannot go wrong with a design like this.

Of course, the square design of the cake goes a long way to creating a modern look, as it suggests that the cake was made with very futuristic tools that allowed it to look so sharp and unlike your standard image of a wedding cake. 

However, what really helps to make this cake stand out from the crowd is the various gold accents that are dotted carefully around its surface.

On the front corner of each of the three tiers of cake are various sharp square shapes made up of pure white and shining gold colors that draw the eye.

The upwards trajectory of these shapes creates the look of a futuristic city skyline that is instantly memorable, making this a totally perfect cake for blowing your guests away. 

And we would be remiss not to mention the beautiful golden flower that rests along the side of the cake.

It ground this very futuristic cake very much in the present, with a reminder of nature, creating the image of a positive future that blends technological advancement with flourishing nature.

This cake is not overly complex and makes use of only very basic shapes, and yet it really comes together to create an image that will blow your guests away! 

2. Elevated Tiers Square Wedding Cake

By adding just a little bit of extra elevation between each of the three layers of this cake, this recipe is able to create an incredibly unique look that is simultaneously modern and extravagant while also having a level of class. 

The squares that make up this cake may appear unremarkable but feature such perfect icing and layering that it instantly draws the eye.

Only the best bakers can pull this look off, so getting a cake like this for your wedding is a surefire way to have the event go off without a hitch. 

The golden sections between the tiers add an extra element of sophistication that makes your wedding feel like an exclusive VIP event. 

Adorning the top two sections of the cake is a series of totally glorious white flowers that feature some of the most extravagant and beautiful petals.

These white flowers add an extra element of dimension to the cake, giving it a visual depth that completes the look! 

3. Marble Wedding Cake

With just a little bit of extra color dotted into the icing of your cake, you can have an ordinary square wedding cake turn into an image of pure sophistication.

The icing on this square cake doesn’t just feature a clean white look, but instead has the look of fancy marble, which will transport your guests to a fancy resort!

If you want a cake that doesn’t draw too much attention to itself and is very understated while also having some visual flair, then you really cannot go wrong with this marble wedding cake.

We love how simple it is, yet how much it draws the attention of guests.

4. Geometric Square Wedding Cake

If you’re okay with having some extra shapes added in alongside the square cake tiers, then you will be very well served by this geometric wedding cake that features a distinct edge that makes it totally irresistible. 

We loved the way that the triangle shapes actually complement the square shape of each of the cake tiers, as they naturally draw the eyes towards the top of the structure, giving the cake a more defined sense of shape. 

We also love that the designers of this cake included some extra stylistic elements in the form of white flowers that remain very subtle, by sharing the same shade of white with the rest of the cake, while also adding an extra sense of shape. 

The geometric design of this cake shirks the conventions of normal wedding cakes, which makes it perfect for any bride that wants to make their special day one for the ages. 

5. Purple Flowers Wedding Cake

Flowers are often just as important to potential brides as the wedding cake, and if this applies to you, then you should definitely give your attention to this amazing cake.

The cake features a very simple tiered design that leads the eyes naturally up towards the top, while the flow of flowers that drip down from the top naturally leads the eyes downwards!

This creates a real sense of motion within the cake, as your eyes are so elegantly drawn across its shape.

It also creates the sense that the cake is alive with potential, which bodes well for the marriage that it has been created to help celebrate. 

The use of color is also worth mentioning as the various subtle hues of purple naturally blend with the pure white to create a soothing lavender look that can easily blend with a similar aesthetic for the rest of the wedding decor. 

6. Floating Square Cake

The use of transparent cake stands throughout the design of this cake, to separate the three tiers, helps to create a strangely magical look for the cake as if each of the tiers is floating by itself! 

Best of all, this design makes full use of the empty space between the tiers, by occupying them with beautiful flowers that are blooming with white and subtly purple colors.

We loved the way that the darker stalks of the flowers contrasted with the pure white look of the icing. 

This design is incredibly simple, and only makes use of a few extra elements that can be purchased separately. It all builds together to create a square cake that you and your guests will not soon forget!

7. Plant-Inspired Square Cake

We were very pleased with how well white and green managed to blend together within this design to create a nature-inspired look that is totally irresistible.

It features a massive array of greenery, and plenty of small white flowers that hang from the stalks, to create a natural look that suggests new beginnings and conjures up images of potential for the bride and groom.

Each of the five tiers is also adorned with a carefully-placed green ribbon that helps to keep the color scheme going throughout.

We loved the fact that this cake features five distinct tiers, as it helps to make it look truly luxurious and extravagant despite its relatively simple design. 

8. Six-Tier Square Wedding Cake

If you really want to splash the cash for your big day, and create a cake that will tower over guests, then why not try out this cake that features a whopping six tiers in size?

Each of the tiers is very wide, and also very tall, which helps to give the whole cake a great sense of size and shape. 

The outer edge of each tier is also adorned with flower shapes that drip down, creating a great silhouette to the cake.

Each of the tiers also naturally leads the eyes up toward the very top, where a large bouquet of white flowers is located.

To Wrap Up 

These are just a few of our absolute favorite square wedding cake designs that we have seen all across the internet.

There are so many more just waiting to be discovered, but we know that we have found the absolute best of the best, so why not give one of these masterful designs a try?

Frequently Asked Questions

Should Wedding Cake Be Round Or Square?

Wedding cakes are most commonly found in round shapes, though this does not mean that they cannot also be square if you wish!

Why Do Wedding Cakes Have 3 Tiers?

The bottom tier of the wedding cake traditionally was for serving at the event, the middle tier for serving after the event, and the top tier for saving for later! 

Is It Easier To Ice A Square Cake Or Round Cake?

It is much easier to ice a round cake, as square cakes require the corners to appear crisp and clean, which can be difficult to do on such a cake.

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