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How To Cut Round Wedding Cake

The wedding cake is an important part of any ceremony, and these tend to be lavishly decorated as well as delicious.

How To Cut Round Wedding Cake

Traditionally, many wedding cakes tend to be round in shape, and while this creates a stunning aesthetic, it can also be very tricky to cut!

Fortunately for you, we have put together everything you need to know about cutting round wedding cakes so that you can enjoy your special day without stress or worry.

Cutting A Round Wedding Cake: Step-By-Step Guide

So, just how do you cut a round wedding cake for the best results? We took a closer look.

Step 1: Prepare Your Cakes

The first thing you will want to do before you begin cutting the cake is to prepare it. This means making sure all the layers are properly stacked and ready to go.

You should make sure that each layer has been separated from the next by at least 2 inches, and that there is no crumbly mess on top of the cake.

If you find that there are any loose crumbs, then you will need to take care when slicing through them.

Step 2: Choose Your Knife

The knife you choose will depend on how thick your cake is, but generally speaking, you will want something with a blade length between 8-10 inches.

It’s best if the handle is comfortable in your hand, and ideally, it shouldn’t feel too heavy either. This will ensure that you have the balance that you need to cut the cake safely, neatly, and without issue.

Step 3: Remove The Tier

Once you have chosen your knife, you will need to remove the desired tier from the cake. This is done by lifting one side of the cake and sliding the knife underneath the cake.

Once you have removed the tier, you will need to place it somewhere safe until you are ready to cut.

Step 4: Start Cutting

Now that you have removed the tier from the cake, you will need to start cutting into the cake. Make sure that you keep the knife steady, and try not to move around too much.

The easiest option when cutting a round cake is to cut the cake into wedges, and this can be 

achieved by simply rotating the cake 90 degrees after every slice.

The other option is to cut the cake straight down the middle, which allows you to get a nice clean edge. You can then cut each slice in half once, and then again to create wedges.

Whichever method you decide to use, just remember to keep the knife steady and don’t move around too much.

Step 5: Keep Going

After you have finished cutting the cake, you will want to repeat the process again, working your way through the tiers that you require for the wedding party.

Remember to keep the same knife that you used previously, and to work slowly and carefully. This will help you avoid any accidents, and ensure that you get the perfect finish.

Wedding Cake Cutting Tips And Tricks

As we mentioned, when cutting a round cake, it is always best to cut it into wedges rather than trying to cut it straight down the middle.

This helps to create a more even appearance, as well as ensure that you get a cleaner edge.

If you are having trouble getting the right angle, then you may want to consider using a template. Templates come in various shapes and sizes, so you can easily find one that suits your needs perfectly.

When cutting a round cake, you will also want to make sure that you rotate the cake 90 degrees after each slice.

This ensures that you get a nice clean edge, and prevents any messy crumbles or pieces from falling off.

If you are planning on serving the cake immediately after cutting it, then you will probably want to store it in an airtight container.

This will prevent any moisture from building up inside the cake and will help to preserve its freshness.

What Are The Advantages Of Round Wedding Cakes?

What Are The Advantages Of Round Wedding Cakes?

Round cakes are very popular among couples who are looking for a unique wedding (see also: Why Do Couples Feed Each Other Wedding Cake?)cake design – but why are they so popular?

We took a closer look at some of the key advantages of round wedding cakes.

They Are More Traditional

One of the biggest reasons why round wedding cakes are becoming increasingly popular is because they are considered to be more traditional than square wedding cakes.

They are often associated with more traditional, classic weddings, and they are still widely regarded as being elegant and classy.

They Can Be Customized

Another reason why round wedding cakes are gaining popularity is that they can be easily customized to suit your individual tastes.

If you are looking for something different, then you can choose to have a round wedding cake made of chocolate or fondant instead of buttercream (see also: Fondant Or Buttercream: Which Is Better For Your Wedding Cake?)icing, while still retaining that elegant, sophisticated look.

You Have A Lot Of Space Available

A third advantage of round wedding cakes is that there is a lot of space available for decorating them.

Because they are circular, you can fit a lot more detail onto them than you could if you were making a square cake.

This means that you can add lots of little details such as flowers, ribbons, candles, stars, hearts, and anything else that you like.

It’s not uncommon for people to spend hours decorating their round wedding cakes, and this makes them ideal for those who love to put together elaborate displays.

They Can Be Cut Into Elegant Slices

Finally, another benefit of round wedding cakes is that they can also look elegant when cut, as they can be sliced into sleek wedges.

This can help the overall aesthetic appeal of the cake, which is especially important if you are having numerous guests over for dinner.

Final Thoughts

A round wedding cake is a perfect touch for your big day, and it can really set your wedding apart from all the other ones around.

Our top tips will help you to cut your own delicious round wedding cake in the best way, and ensure that you end up with a stunning dessert that everyone will enjoy.

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