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7 Best Country Wedding Cake Recipe Ideas For Your Special Day

Sometimes when it comes to planning a wedding, we can place a massive amount of pressure on ourselves to get absolutely everything spot on and perfect. From the dress to the location to the guest list, everything needs to be considered. 

7 Best Country Wedding Cake Recipe Ideas For Your Special Day

However, one of the elements that tend to place the most pressure on those planning the event is the wedding cake.

The wedding cake, for many, is the culmination of the event, and easily one of the most memorable parts, so you want it to look just right! 

Thus, you’ve likely found yourself reading this because you need inspiration for the design of your wedding cake!

Want a wedding cake that is full of country flair, and has design elements inspired by the country aesthetic? Then you have come to the right place!

Read on down below, because today we are going to take an in-depth look at some of the very best country wedding cake designs that we’ve seen on the web!

1. Red And White

For many, the country aesthetic is directly associated with autumnal hues that create a warming look that will help to get your guests in the perfect mood.

This country wedding cake has immense warming hues of red that not only make it perfect for anyone that wants that rustic country look, but also make it perfect for anyone that wants a wedding in the Autumn season.

The cake features the usual white color that you would expect from a more traditional wedding cake, but the white icing is adorned with flashes of bronze flair that glitter across the surface of the cake, making it look more amazing than it would without. 

And what wedding is complete without plenty of flowers? Much of the color of this cake comes about from the various bouquets of flowers that adorn the cake’s surface.

The shapes of the roses help to draw the eye and give what might otherwise be an ordinarily-shaped cake a much greater sense of dimension and shape to blow guests away. 

2. Birch Wood Cake

Wow. We were totally blown away by the careful icing work that helped to bring this cake to life. It is full of rustic charm, and this is thanks in no small part to the masterful icing that creates the look of freshly chopped birch wood. 

Around each of the three tiers of this cake is a layer of icing that has all of the shades of birch wood! This creates a truly brilliant illusion that brings the cake to life with rustic charm.

We also loved the very small but significant detail of the heart on the bottom tier that looks like a carving right into the surface of the tree declaring the love that blossoms between the happy couple. 

Speaking of blossoms, the cake also features a number of flowers of varying sizes across its surface to help to make it look like this tree of love is alive and blossoming with potential. 

If you want a cake that is full of charm but looks very simple and natural, then look no further!

3. Cupcake Wedding Cake

If the serving of the wedding cake is of concern to you then you might love this amazing wedding cake idea that is totally perfect for catering to numerous hungry guests.

It has the same general shape as a traditional wedding cake but is instead made up of countless smaller cupcakes that are easy for guests to grab.

Towards the top of the cake is a more traditional top tier of a wedding cake, which allows the happy couple to still engage in the tradition of preserving the top tier after the wedding has wrapped up.

The tiered effect is what helps to create the perfect country look, as each of the tiers is created using chopped wood, which helps to create a very natural and rustic look, befitting of a country-themed wedding.

The wood effect also helps to create a very warm look that makes it also perfect for the Autumnal months.

4. Skull Country Wedding Cake

We cannot get over how perfect this wedding cake is, and how it creates the look of a more rustic lifestyle.

The inclusion of the skull at the top helps to add a slight edge to the cake’s design, while still retaining an element of elegance thanks to its white color that helps it to blend with the style conventions of a wedding cake. 

Alongside the skull are numerous other elements, such as the shaped pieces of icing that are laid out across the cake to create all kinds of patterns that create a sense of cohesion to the cake’s look.

The various brown shades help to make these patterns look totally perfect alongside a wider country aesthetic. 

The inclusion of small plants also helps to add to the natural look of the cake, making it look incredibly lovely.

5. Barrel Wedding Cake

Though on the surface, this cake may look like it totally shirks the conventions of a traditional wedding cake, it actually features a number of elements that help to steep it in tradition.

The white flowers that adorn the three layers of this cake are easily what help to complete it and help to make it feel alive.

The flowers boast the traditional crisp white color you associate with weddings, and they look like they are growing right out of the soil of the barrel-inspired tiers. 

The barrel-inspired look of this cake, of course, helps to make the cake look incredibly rustic and handmade, which gives it an endless sense of charm.

We were really impressed at how well the icing was manipulated to create the look of wooden planks that bring the barrels to life. 

6. Cow Print Wedding Cake

When many people think of country-inspired aesthetics, they most often think of the image of cowboys, so what better way to celebrate that than with a country wedding cake that is all about cowboys?

We totally love the cow-inspired print on the edge of the cake, which helps to keep it steeped in the traditional wedding colors but also allows it to work on an extra humorous level.

Surrounding each of the three tiers is a ribbon of icing made to look like a lasso, which really helps to complete the look. 

Finally, we have to mention the adorable adornment at the top of the cake. The figure can make for a great way to celebrate the happy couple while still sticking strictly to the theme of the rest of the wedding’s design.

7. Brown Suede Wedding Cake

There was no way we could have possibly avoided adding this amazing cake to our list. Every element of its design is spectacular and eye-catching.

Of course, one of the most unique things about the cake is that it has a rich but rustic-looking brown color to it that creates the look of cowboy boots!

However, the white elements wrapped around each of the tiers helps to keep the cake looking very traditional. 

We loved the inclusion of the belt wrapped around the second tier of the cake, which helped to add an element of humor that stays completely faithful to the theme of the rest of the cake.

As well as this, the various rope-shaped elements wrapped around numerous of the cake’s tiers help to conjure images of lassos, creating a country Western look that we just adore.

This country Western look is further complemented by the four boots that are placed just below the top tier of the cake, and help to hold it firmly in place.

These boots are very humorous, but help to add a sense of shape and elegance to the rest of the cake, in much the same way that more traditional pillars may add a sense of sophistication to a wedding cake.

Finally, the figure placed at the top of the cake makes a perfect celebration of the happy couple, and is also something that the two can take home to remember the day for years to come! 

To Wrap Up

Though the potential is truly limitless when it comes to creating a perfect wedding cake, we fully believe that these amazing country-themed cakes represent the best of the best.

If you are hosting a country-themed wedding, then these cakes will not only draw the eye but will also seamlessly blend with the decor of the rest of the event!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Rustic Cake?

Rustic cakes generally include elements such as berries and other nature-inspired elements to help create a handmade look reminiscent of country life.

What Is The Most Traditional Wedding Cake?

The most traditional type of cake served at a wedding is a vanilla sponge, often adorned with white icing and other luxury elements.

Why Do Wedding Cakes Have 3 Tiers?

It is believed that the bottom tier is intended for serving at the event, the middle tier is for serving after the event, and the top tier is for preserving well after the event.

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