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Eight Best M&M Cookies Recipes You Simply Have To Try

With a chocolate center and a crisp candy shell, M&Ms are great to throw into a batch of cookie dough.

As the cookies bake, the edges become chewy and the M&Ms begin to soften themselves but will keep the melted chocolate inside.

Eight Best M&M Cookies Recipes You Simply Have To Try

You may want to use them whole or chop them to create a brilliant rainbow effect, perhaps add in some cocoa powder, chocolate chips, or mini marshmallows. However you make them, M&M cookies should be soft in the middle, and above all, fun.

In this guide, we will look at eight of the best M&M cookie recipes you simply have to try.

  • Soft And Chewy M&M Cookies
  • Chopped Up M&M Cookies
  • Original M&M Cookies
  • Chocolate M&M Cookies
  • Classic M&M Cookies
  • M&M And Mini Marshmallow Cookies
  • Mini M&M Cookies
  • Christmas M&M’s Cookies

1. Soft And Chewy M&M Cookies

The best M&M cookies should follow some basic requirements. As with all cookies, they should be soft in the middle and have chewy edges.

After that, you can let loose with your ingredients and add a few more components like chocolate chips and mini marshmallows.

These cookies include both M&Ms and chocolate chips for a combination of crispy and soft textures and should become a family favorite. Try them at the holidays or simply at a gathering as they will impress a crowd.

Start by making sure that the butter has softened but remains cool to the touch to ensure the cookies keep their shape.

To create that chewiness, the brown sugar has to be soft as it is the moisture from this key ingredient that creates that desired texture.

You can also throw in a few M&Ms into the cookie batter but keep a handful behind to press into the top for excellent distribution. 

Preheat the oven to 350°F and then line two baking sheets with enough parchment paper before creating the dough.

Whisk together one and a half cups of sieved all purpose flour, a teaspoon of baking powder, with half a teaspoon of baking soda, and a quarter-teaspoon of salt.

In another bowl, beat together half a cup each of unsalted, softened butter and granulated sugar with a third of a cup of lightly packed brown sugar.

Throw in an egg and two teaspoons of vanilla extract then gradually add in the flour mix. 

Stir in a cup of M&Ms, though you should be obliged to mix in chocolate chips.

Scoop out the dough and use enough for either thin or thick cookies (if thick, you will need to chill the dough balls in the refrigerator).

Push in a few more M&Ms into the top of the cookies, spread them sparingly on the baking sheets then bake for up to 11 minutes but take them out once the edges are set.  

2. Chopped Up M&M Cookies

This recipe is a little different as there is an increased ratio of granulated sugar to dark brown sugar with more salt which should make them a little sweeter.

Once you whisk in the baking soda, use a rubber spatula for a gentler mix before coarsely chopping up the M&Ms.

You will also need two-tablespoons scoops which should add up to about eight cookies for each pan. Allow them to cook as they cool and you should have a rainbow effect with every bite.

3. Original M&M Cookies

For a batch of 24 M&M cookies, you will need a bit more of everything including eggs, sugar, flour, and, of course, M&Ms.

This is an ideal number for a large gathering as you do not want anyone to miss out on a single cookie.

Make sure that you gently add the M&Ms to avoid them smashing as the dough batter should be a distinctive color with the bright chocolates popping out.

As soon as the cookies have a golden brown edge, remove them from the oven and gently press in more M&Ms as the cookies harden.

4. Chocolate M&M Cookies

For a decadent, fudgy take on M&M cookies, add half a cup of unsweetened natural cocoa powder into the dough.

These cookies also use two eggs in the dough to bind the dough together.

To create a thicker cookie, cover and refrigerate the dough for between half an hour and an hour, by which point the dough should be cool. Bake each pan on its own and leave them to cool on a wire rack.

5. Classic M&M Cookies

For classic M&M cookies, make sure that you use three-quarters of a cup each of brown sugar and granulated sugar.

You only need a small ice-cream scoop too with each dough ball around two inches apart on a baking sheet which is lined with parchment paper.

These cookies should become lightly golden brown in the oven then be allowed to cool. 

6. M&M And Mini Marshmallow Cookies

These cookies are fully packed with M&Ms as well as mini marshmallows making them wonderfully chewy.

The butter should be roughly chopped and come straight from the refrigerator so it can cool down the cookie dough.

Once the dough has combined, add a cup of chocolate chips, and half a cup each of M&Ms and mini marshmallows. Bake them for a little longer, around 12 to 14 minutes when they become golden brown. 

7. Mini M&M Cookies

For a smaller version of M&M cookies, simply use mini chocolate chips and mini M&Ms. These prove to be so cute and really popular with kids, you may even let them cook them as they do not need a mixer.

The dough can be created by hand as melted butter is used, allowed to sit then chilled until room temperature.

There should be around six dough balls for each baking sheet while you should opt to freeze a batch of cookie dough so the balls are cold before baking.

8. Christmas M&M’s Cookies

With a large bag of M&Ms, you can take the time to remove the green and red ones for some Christmas M&M Cookies.

It may be an idea to take out the brown and orange ones a few weeks before for Halloween too or simply find the dedicated packs in the store.

You can also create the cookies in advance and then store them in an airtight container. They will also keep in the freezer for around three months which ticks off one treat in the build-up to the holidays.

Final Thoughts

Though M&Ms can be considered as one single ingredient, they do prove to be highly versatile.

You can use mini M&Ms, red and green ones for Christmas, as well as brown and orange ones for Halloween.

However, if you combine them with other components, you can create wonderful textures in each bite.

That could mean some mini marshmallows for even more chewiness or even more chocolate from chocolate chips. 

The rest of the ingredients remain largely consistent and should include a combination of two sugars; granulated and either light brown or dark brown sugar.

One or two eggs may be used, largely depending on how big the batch is, though you can expect vanilla extract, salt, baking soda, and all-purpose flour.

Perhaps one of the most important aspects to creating M&M cookies is to have fun with them and time them well.

Involve the family as these recipes can be really easy to do, perhaps letting the kids decorate them and maybe sneaking some of the cookie dough before it is baked.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is It So Important To Not Over-Bake A Set Of Cookies?

The most impressive cookies will have a soft center and a chewy, crisp edge. To achieve that, keep an eye on your cookies.

Try not to clock-watch as you may miss the opportunity to take them out of the oven at just the right time.

They may be done a few minutes before they look done and if you wait, you will miss that moment so get them out prematurely and let them end their cooking while they cool on the side.

What’s The Secret To Creating Thin And Thick M&M Cookies?

Thick M&M cookies need time to chill and should be higher, not wider so they bake as they spread yet the center remains thick.

Once you have assembled your cookie dough, scoop out the dough balls and then let them chill in the refrigerator for half an hour to an hour.

Each dough ball should be around three tablespoons of cookie dough and be mounded higher.

For thin cookies, use around one and a half tablespoons of cookie dough and bake them right after assembling the dough.

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