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The Best Bar Service To Choose For Your Wedding

When it comes to choosing a bar service for your wedding, there are a lot of factors that need to be taken into consideration.

The Best Bar Service To Choose For Your Wedding

It can be a little difficult to pin down everything that you have to remember in regard to picking your wedding bar service, but have no fear, as that is where we come in!

In this article, we are going to be looking at several different kinds of bar services for weddings- with a particular focus on open bars, cash bars, and host bars- to help you make the choice that will suit you and your wedding budget the best. Let’s get started.

What Is Wedding Bar Service?

This might seem like an obvious question, but it is always best to explain exactly what we mean when discussing wedding bar service. 

Wedding bar service refers to the provision of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages at a wedding event.

This service is typically offered by the venue or a catering company and can include a variety of drink options such as beer, wine, cocktails, and soft drinks.

The bar service may be a cash bar, host bar, open bar, or a combination of both, depending on the arrangements made between the couple and the bar service provider. 

The goal of wedding bar service is to provide guests with drinks of their choice throughout the event, adding to the celebration and enjoyment of the day!

What Is An Open Wedding Bar?

An open wedding bar is a type of bar service offered at a wedding event where the cost of the drinks is covered by the hosts (the couple getting married or their families) rather than the guests.

This means that guests are able to order and consume as many drinks as they like without having to pay for them individually. 

An open bar can either be unlimited- where all drinks are included- or limited to a specific selection of drinks and/or a certain time frame.

The cost of an open bar can vary depending on the types of drinks being offered, the duration of the bar service, and the number of guests attending.

Open bars are often a popular choice, as they allow guests to enjoy the celebration without worrying about paying for each individual drink.

Pros Of An Open Wedding Bar

  • Convenience: An open bar provides a convenient and hassle-free experience for guests, who don’t have to worry about paying for each individual drink.
  • Increased enjoyment: Guests are able to relax and enjoy themselves more fully without worrying about the cost of drinks.
  • Better flow of the event: An open bar can help create a more festive and relaxed atmosphere, leading to a more enjoyable experience for guests.
  • Reduced stress: Guests don’t have to worry about carrying cash or paying for drinks, reducing stress and allowing them to fully enjoy the event.
  • Reduced queues: With an open bar, guests are able to order drinks more quickly, reducing queues and wait times.

Cons Of Open Wedding Bar 

  • Cost: An open bar can be quite expensive, especially if the couple wants to offer a variety of drinks or a lengthy bar service.
  • Responsibility: If guests over-consume alcohol, it can create a potentially dangerous situation, which the hosts or venue may be responsible for.
  • Unwanted behavior: Alcohol can sometimes lead to guests acting inappropriately or making mistakes they wouldn’t otherwise make.
  • Limited control: With an open bar, the hosts may have limited control over what guests are drinking, which can sometimes result in unexpected expenses.
  • Waste: If guests do not consume all the alcohol provided, it may result in waste and unneeded expenses for the hosts.

What Is A Cash Wedding Bar?

A cash wedding bar is a type of bar service offered at a wedding event where guests are responsible for paying for the drinks they consume. 

In a cash bar, guests are required to pay for each drink individually using cash or card payment.

The cost per drink and the selection of drinks available may vary depending on the bar service provider and the arrangements made with the couple.

A cash bar is often a more budget-friendly option compared to an open bar, as it eliminates the cost to the hosts and transfers it to the guests.

However, it can also limit the festive atmosphere of the event, as guests may be more hesitant to order drinks if they have to pay for them individually.

A cash bar is a good option for couples who are working with a limited budget or who want to provide drinks as a more modest part of their wedding celebration.

Pros Of A Cash Wedding Bar 

  • Cost savings: Cash bars are often more budget-friendly than an open bar, as they only require the purchase of alcohol for those who actually consume it.
  • Control over consumption: With a cash bar, you can limit the amount of alcohol consumed and minimize the risk of guests over-drinking.
  • Increased flexibility: With a cash bar, you have the option of offering a wider range of drinks and are not limited to a set selection of drinks included in an open bar package.
  • Personalization: You can tailor the bar menu to your preferences and offer drinks that are meaningful to you and your partner.
  • No surprises: With a cash bar, there is no fear of unexpected bar bills, as guests pay for their own drinks.

Cons Of A Cash Wedding Bar

  • Responsibility shift: Guests, rather than the hosts, are responsible for paying for their own drinks, which can be seen as less generous and less hospitable.
  • Longer lines: Cash bars may result in longer wait times for guests, as they will need to wait in line to purchase their drinks.
  • Lack of uniformity: With a cash bar, some guests may choose to spend more on drinks than others, leading to an inconsistent drinking experience for everyone.
  • Reduced social atmosphere: With guests paying for their own drinks, the social atmosphere of the wedding reception may be reduced, as guests are less likely to mix and mingle freely.
  • Embarrassment for guests: Some guests may feel embarrassed or uncomfortable having to pay for their own drinks, especially if they are not used to it or if they have limited funds.

What Is A Host Wedding Bar?

A host wedding bar refers to a bar where drinks are provided and paid for by the host of the wedding, typically the bride and groom.

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This might seem very similar to an open bar, and that’s because it is! 

That being said, it isn’t exactly the same as an open bar allows guests to drink freely without any restrictions, and the cost of the drinks is covered by the host.

In other words, a host wedding bar is a more limited version of an open bar.

A host wedding bar service can be set up in a variety of ways, such as a cash bar (guests pay for their own drinks), a limited bar (guests are given a certain number of drink tickets or a certain amount of money to spend), or a combination of both.

The idea behind a host wedding bar is to provide guests with drinks and a good time, while also keeping the costs under control.

Pros Of A Host Wedding Bar 

  • Convenience: A hosted bar allows guests to freely enjoy drinks without having to worry about paying for them individually.
  • Ease of planning: Hosting a bar takes the responsibility of alcohol provision and payment off of the guests.
  • Social lubricant: Alcohol can help guests relax and have a good time, leading to a more festive and enjoyable atmosphere.
  • Customization options: A host can choose specific drinks and brands to serve, allowing for personalization and creating a unique experience for the guests.
  • Cost control: Hosting a bar can help keep the overall cost of the wedding down, as guests are not paying for their drinks.

Cons Of A Host Wedding Bar

  • Cost: Hosting a bar can be expensive, especially if premium drinks are offered and if numerous guests are expected to attend.
  • Responsibility: As the host, you are responsible for ensuring that alcohol is served responsibly, and you may be held liable if any problems arise as a result of excessive drinking.
  • Limits to customization: Depending on the venue and local laws, there may be limits to the types of alcohol that can be served and how it can be served.
  • Inconvenience for designated drivers: A hosted bar may be less convenient for guests who are designated drivers and cannot participate in the drinking.
  • Unequal distribution: Not all guests may drink equally, leading to a situation where some guests are taking advantage of the free bar, while others are not.
  • Alcohol waste: In some cases, there may be unused alcohol that goes to waste, which can be a waste of money and resources.

Other Kinds Of Wedding Bars

There are other types of popular wedding bars that you might want to consider as well as open, host, and cash bars, including the following: 

  • Limited Bar: A limited bar offers only a selection of drinks, which may be free or offered at a reduced cost to guests.
  • Signature Bar: A signature bar features unique and personalized drinks, often created to reflect the theme or personal style of the couple.
  • BYOB: A Bring Your Own Beverage bar allows guests to bring their own alcohol to the event, which can be a more cost-effective option for the couple.
  • Donated Bar: A donated bar is when guests bring alcohol or contribute to a collective fund to pay for drinks, making it a more collaborative and cost-effective option.
  • Limited Open Bar: A limited open bar offers a specific selection of drinks that are available to guests for a limited period.
  • Wine and Beer Bar: A wine and beer bar focuses on serving only wine and beer, typically at a lower cost than a full bar.

Choosing The Best Bar Service For Your Wedding 

Now that you have all the information that you need on the various types of bar services available for weddings, it is now time to choose which is the most suitable for you.

Let’s take a look at some of the factors you will need to consider before you make your choice:

  • Budget: Determine how much you are willing to spend on alcohol and factor this into your overall wedding budget.
  • Alcohol Selection: Consider the type of alcohol you want to serve, such as beer, wine, cocktails, and spirits as well as non-alcoholic options. 
  • Guest Preferences: Consider the drinking habits and preferences of your guests, as well as any dietary restrictions.
  • Venue Restrictions: Check with the venue to see what their alcohol policies are, including any restrictions on the types of drinks that can be served or how they can be served.
  • Bar Staff: Make sure that there is a reputable bar service available to hire before you make your decision, with professional and experienced staff who can handle the bar service efficiently and responsibly.
  • Availability: Check if the bar service is available on your wedding date and if they can accommodate your guest count.
  • Licensing: Ensure that the bar service has the necessary licenses and permits to serve alcohol at your wedding.
  • Customization: Ask if the bar service allows customization of drinks, signage, and bar setup, as this is something you might want to consider to make the bar unique and special for your wedding. 

By considering these factors, you can choose the best bar service for your wedding that fits your budget, meets the needs of your guests, and creates a memorable experience for all.

Final Thoughts 

Ultimately, the choice between an open bar, host bar, or cash bar for a wedding will all depend on your budget, guest preferences, venue restrictions, and personal priorities to name a few factors. 

Careful consideration of these elements will help you choose the best bar service for your wedding and make for the most memorable experience on your special day for both you and your guests!
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