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8 Scrumptious Milky Way Cake Recipes To Make At Home!

The Milky Way has been a casual moniker for the wider galaxies that include our own Solar System.

However, the Milky Way Bar has been a widely popular and common chocolate bar that is often seen in stores across the world.

8 Scrumptious Milky Way Cake Recipes To Make At Home!

The Milky Way bar will differ depending on where you are reading from, see the FAQ, but today we will be referring to the US Milky Way bar.

Today we have found some of the best Milky Way cake recipes (see also: 9 Tasty Pistachio Cake Recipes To Make Today)that you can make right now in your kitchen and still get the chocolatey treat that many want from this famed candy.

Keep reading to learn about Milky Ways as well as how to make it at home.

Milky Way Cake With White Chocolate Glaze

This recipe is from a true Milky Way lover, as adults many of us won’t be eating a Milky Way bar so commonly.

Yet, the reason we think this recipe really rocks, is that it takes the childhood favorite and turns it into something really special, show stopping, and worthy of the center of the table.

This is the type of recipe that will impress adults and certainly kids. 

The white chocolate glaze is a little left of field, but makes sense and within the context of the cake can really add something unique to make the flavors a little more nuanced and complex.

This glaze is their attempt to replace the sort of caramel in the chocolate bar, while creating similar nougat flavors.

Milky Way Cake With Milk Chocolate Ganache

This recipe is similar to the last but takes an interesting approach of actually using real Milky Way in their recipe.

Not only do they melt some Milk Way down  but even endeavor to chop some up and include it on top.

This is a clever move for those who do really enjoy the cake and want to be reminded of the classic taste while even in this remixed format.

The bundt pan is a good approach as it can help reduce portion sizes which is fairly welcome with a cake like this, it also adds a sophistication to the cake rather than just being a huge sugar bomb.

Milky Way Sheet Cake

This is a really cool recipe that could be ideal for a cake sale or coffee morning.

The recipe can make large batches without too much work, with a simple batter and icing methodology that we love, which is basically foolproof in terms of generating flavor easily.

Again, this recipe incorporates actual Milky Way bars into the icing of the cake, (see also: 9 Tasty Spanish Bar Cake Recipes)which turns out really rich and tasty like the caramel in the bar itself.

The addition with the cake is truly scrumptious and satisfying, ideal with a cup of tea or coffee.

Four Layer Milky Way Celebration Cake

This cake really takes things to the next level by making something sweet, decadent, as well as showstopping.

The four layers are sandwiched between layers of caramel and chocolate buttercream which recreate the original chocolate bar with accuracy while managing to create something a little more chocolatey and decadent.

This is the kind of cake that takes a little more effort so it can be a good idea to save this for a special occasion such as a birthday for someone who loves Milky Way bars, or for a large crowd considering how calorific the cake is.

Decorating this cake as you see fit, with inspiration from the recipe, can be the most fun part here.

Yellow Milky Way Cake

This Milky Way cake recipe takes a new take on the recipes listed,opting to recreate the nougat filling in the icing, more than creating a really sweet chocolate cake.

If you want something where the flavors are a little more toned down into something nuanced, rather than smack your round the head sweetness.

The actual cake itself does include real Milky Way bars meaning that even though there isn’t an obvious chocolate ingredient in the cake batter, it can still create something that is recognizable.

The icing combines evaporated milk with marshmallow cream to recreate that aerated nougat mouth feel.

Milky Way Brownies

This is another recipe ideal for large groups such as at a cake sale or potluck.

The outcome is something thick and fudgy and true chocolate lovers dream, as well as something the whole family can enjoy.

The recipe remains quite reasonable in its ingredients and doesn’t require anything you have to go far to get, but most of the ingredients will be in your cupboard.

Utilizing the Milky Way bites that are quite common in shops is a fun way to incorporate them.

The recipe requires caramel, something which can be hard to make from scratch for beginners, but shows how you can swap out for melted caramel bits to create the same effect.

Milky Way Ice Cream

If you ever thought the Milky Way couldn;t get better, you should try Milky Way Ice Cream bars which are sold widely in the US now.

The coldness takes away the heavy sugar taste, and instead creates a textural symphony in your mouth that is unlike the warm chocolate bar.

This recipe, with the help of an ice cream maker, offers a methodology for making Milky Way ice cream, which you can turn into ice cream bars if you wish.

The creaminess of ice cream does go so well with caramel, and the ice cream itself can often be aerated like the nougat.

This is a great recipe to try for a kids summer BBQ, or just to impress your neighbors.

While the recipe is a little harder, albeit with the help of an ice cream maker, it creates something really special that will impress those who eat it, especially when they know it is homemade!

Molten Lava Milky Way Cakes

Now, if you really want to interpret this humble chocolate bar into something really special, the kind of dessert you only get at restaurants, with a little effort and careful planning, you could create this molten lava cake, inspired by this childhood treat.

Your guests will truly be awed as they cut into the cake and the gooey chocolate center seeps out like a volcano.

This dessert is a really special one that combines culinary excellence with childhood awe.

While lava cakes can be a little hard to execute if you are looking for a baking challenge you know will pay off when done right, then look to this amazing recipe idea.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Milky Way?

References to astronomy aside, the Milky Bar is a chocolate bar. There is a point of contention here that many readers will point out.

Namely, the Milky Bar exists in more than one format, depending on where you are in the world – let me explain.

The first Milky Way was created by Frank Mars back in 1924, the original. This is simply nougat, topped with caramel, and covered in milk chocolate.

The name was actually a reference to the famed Minnesotan milkshake of the same name.

However, come 1935 Mars’ creation was released globally after its success in the US.

Yet, outside of the US, the ‘Milky Way’ is re-branded and sold as the ‘Mars’ bar that people in the Uk and Europe will recognize.

The latter was marketed globally outside the US as a chocolate bar you can have between meals that won;t ruin your appetite, a tongue-in-cheek comment about how light the internal nougat is.

In fact, the chocolate labeled ‘Milky Way’ outside of the US is simply a whipped nougat, lighter than the original, without caramel, then covered in milk chocolate.

In the US, the chocolate bar just described is marketed instead as a ‘3 Musketeers’ bar.

The difference between the US and Global equivalents can often be quite stark as they are subject to separate food laws per the country they are sold in.

Final Thoughts

There is a reason that the Frank Mars’ creations, the Milky Bar in all its forms, has been an intentionally enjoyed chocolate treat since the 1920s – it’s just a winner.

So why not include this humble chocolate bar into our desserts.

We find that the addition of a proper carbohydrate like cake can actually help it feel a little less rich, but spread the richness through more fats and carbs.

What should be clear is that no matter your baking skill, you can easily find a whole array of recipes that mimic the famed Milky Way.

Whether looking for something scalable for a cake sale, a dapper cake for celebrations, or something to demonstrate your own baking skills, the Milky Way will help take you there while still keeping you grounded to the childhood classic.

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