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12 Best Blueberry Donuts Recipes You Will Love

Blueberries are an insanely underrated fruit if you ask us. Not only are they delicious, and, well, strangely kind of cute, but they’re also widely considered to be the healthiest fruit of all — Superfood indeed!

12 Best Blueberry Donuts Recipes You Will Love

As such, it makes tons of sense to offset our sweet treats with some of these wonderful blue delights, boosting the health factor of our most indulgent moments, moments that usually involve typically unhealthy foodstuffs like donuts.

With this in mind, today, we’ll be listing the 12 best blueberry donut recipes, so you can satisfy your sweet tooth and care for your well-being in one fell swoop chomp!

1. Baked Blueberry Donuts

Let’s kick things off with a scrumptious, no-nonsense blueberry donut recipe.

As easy a bake as they come, these classic blueberry donuts incorporate the fruit in the batter itself, creating a lovely, mottled, almost dalmatian effect once cooked.

And you’ll notice that we said “baked” rather than “fried”.

This is because you cook these donuts in the oven, removing all the unhealthy, fatty oils from the equation, meaning they’re actually a pretty healthy treat — No guilt when pigging out!

Topped with a simple, creamy glaze, they have a timeless, elegant finish (or as elegant as donuts get anyway), meaning they’re just as suitable for serving up as a quirky treat at a swanky soirée as they are for wolfing down on your own or with a friend in private.

2. Baked Blueberry Donuts With Blueberry Glaze

From the blueberry-y, to the really, really blueberry-y, we have these blueberry donuts topped with a killer blueberry glaze — Is the word “blueberry” starting to lose meaning, or is it just us?

It makes sense… Blueberries are the ultimate donut ingredient, so why use anything else. Double up on the blueberry magic to create the most blueberry-y blueberry donuts the world has ever seen!

What’s more, sticking to a single ingredient means less fuss, a smaller shopping list, a quicker preparation process, and enhanced nutritional value.

And once again, it’s a baked recipe, meaning these are healthier treats all round.

3. Baked Donuts With A Raspberry & Blueberry Glaze

While this recipe doesn’t call for blueberries in the donut batter, the glaze absolutely does, as well as their good friend, the humble raspberry.

If you’re not a fan of chomping into whole fruit in your dessert or breakfast foods, this recipe offers you the delicious blueberry flavor without the fleshy body, and the addition of raspberry really kicks it up a notch.

What’s more, the glaze comes out a lovely Barbie-pink color, meaning with the audition of a few multicolored sprinkles, you can recreate Homer’s iconic “doh”-nut from The Simpsons.

We always thought that donut looked delicious, and now we can all enjoy them in the real world — Woo-hoo!

4. Baked Blueberry Donuts With Orange Honey Glaze

With this recipe, we’re back to throwing blueberries into the donut batter and embellishing with other lovely ingredients, namely, orange and honey.

This might just be the most moreish glaze we’ve ever encountered. The honey and the orange blend so well that it makes you wonder why we ever pair these ingredients with anything else. 

The blueberries in the body of the donut significantly elevate each bite, adding nuance to the comfortable synergy of the orange and honey, amounting to a heavenly eating experience the likes of which you’ll never forget.

5. Vegan Baked Blueberry Donuts

No one loves blueberries more than vegans, and with this fantastic recipe, the plant-based nation can weave their favorite berry into an awesome, cruelty-free sweet treat.

Using almond milk instead of cow milk, you get the same fluffy donut texture, with none of the dark attachments to animal mistreatment, and you know what… you can’t tell they’re vegan at all, which begs the question… Why aren’t we all eating vegan blueberry donuts?

This recipe also makes the bold and genius move of combining blueberries and desiccated coconut to form a brilliant marriage of muted and tart flavors, and the strawberry heart garnish is a delightful finishing touch.

6. Pumpkin Spice Blueberry Donuts

When the leaves change hue and gather on the ground, it’s pumpkin season, baby!

And what better way to immerse yourself into the sensory extravaganza of this time of year than with some pumpkin spice EVERYTHING! Including, of course, pumpkin spice blueberry donuts.

Paired with the creamy vanilla glaze, these donuts are the perfectly imperfect rustic snacks of an Insta-foodie’s dreams, and as they’re baked, they’re as healthy as sweet treats get, meaning they’re suitable for kids and dieters alike.

7. Blueberry & Cherry Donuts

Ah, cherry, the not-so-identical red twin of the blueberry.

They have a powerful flavor that can be tricky for some to appreciate on its own, but when mixed with lots of its blue counterpart, it’s like a whole different fruit!

There’s also a pinch of cinnamon in there that adds a lovely spiced element to the overall flavor profile, ensuring you never get bored of biting into these wonderful donuts.

And if you perchance do get a little tired of his recipe, you can always reinvent it by switching out the vanilla glaze for something a little more adventurous.

8. Chocolate & Blueberry Baked Donuts

For too long we’ve been choosing between blueberry and chocolate muffins. It’s time to admit that these two ingredients aren’t mutually exclusive, and that, actually, they’re better combined.

Thankfully, we have recipes like this one to lead the charge into this bold new world of flavor, beckoning in an age of peace and cooperation between these famously at odds ingredients.

Give it a go and join the tasty revolution!

9. Baked Lemon Blueberry Donuts

Not that we don’t adore a good lemon drizzle cake, but, like cherry, lemon can be a little overpowering when on its own, but when it’s held in check by the small but mighty blueberry, the true potential of this quirky citrus fruit is unlocked.

These lemon and blueberry baked donuts are the perfect treat for a late morning in the summer. Picture this, if you will… 

You sleep in, and once you wake, you just lay in your warm bed for a while, observing the soft sunlight creeping in around the curtains. Then, all of a sudden you notice you’re a little peckish.

So, you get up, put on your softest pair of slippers, head down to the kitchen, get the coffee brewing, and with the scent of freshly-ground beans in the air, you take a bite of a cloud-soft lemon and blueberry donut — Divine!

10. Blueberry Peanut Butter Baked Donuts

Yep, blueberry and peanut butter donuts are a thing, a revelation that’s going to dominate your thoughts for at least a month the way it has ours.

And get this… this scrumptious recipe, the one that opened your eyes and ours to the wonders of this particular flavor combination, is totally vegan and gluten-free.

It’s an inclusive approach that we can really get down with. Peanut butter and blueberry donuts should be for the many, not the few, and the author of this recipe has made such dessert democratization a reality — We humbly thank you, recipe creator.

11. Healthy Blueberry Baked Donuts

Just because you’re trying to keep it lean at the moment, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy the wonder that is a blueberry donut.

Sure, donuts aren’t considered the healthiest food of all, but there are a number of workarounds you can use to transform the deep fried donuts of American tradition into nutritious new-age nuts.

The obvious thing to do is to of course bake your donuts instead of frying them, and that’s precisely what this recipe calls for, but it doesn’t stop there.

Using a clever combination of healthy ingredients, it instructs on how to produce donuts that are both mouthwateringly tasty and remarkably healthy.

12. Blueberry Banana Baked Donuts

Of all the wonderful pairings we’ve seen here today, none of them share quite as much synergy as blueberry and banana.

These two Bs of the fruit world are B.B.Fs (best buds forever), and nothing can come between them.

They’re the pure fruit equivalent of peanut butter and jam, of Tango and Cash, of coffee and cigarettes, and when you use a delicious baked donut as the stage on which these two fruity flavors dance, you’re in for a wonderful time.

We saved this recipe until last because this is a tried and tested flavor and we want you to consider some of the more off-the-wall options first.

But if nothing else takes your fancy, then stick with what works, and make yourself some of these amazing donuts post-haste!

Final Thoughts

People who say that healthy food isn’t tasty food need to face the truth, the truth being blueberries, and accept how embarrassingly wrong they are.

Blueberries need to be celebrated, and there’s no better way to do so than giving some of these recipes a go. 

It doesn’t matter if you plan on sharing your creations with the world, handing them out to a couple of close friends, or devouring the lot yourself.

All that truly matters is that this wonderful fruit is savored and appreciated.

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