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12 Best Glazed Donuts Recipes You Will Love

Don’t get us wrong… plain donuts are fine. There’s enough good stuff in the dough that they’re a delicious snack without any embellishments, but it’s the glaze that really makes the donut, no?

That sugary goo on top provides the concentrated flavor and sweetness that makes a donut pop off on the taste buds.

Best Glazed Donuts Recipes You Will Love

Even donuts coated top to bottom in sugar somehow don’t compare to the magic of a donut with a tasty glaze.

So, to make sure you’re making only the most mouthwatering, tongue-tingling, soul-soothing donuts around, we’ve compiled this list of the 12 best glazed donut recipes on the web.

12 Best Glazed Donuts Recipes You Will Love

1. Classic Glazed Donuts

This New York Times recipe for classic glazed donuts is all you need if you’re trying to achieve the perfect simplicity of the donuts you enjoyed during your childhood.

Featuring a delicious dough mix and a traditional, clear, creamy glaze, these donuts are memories in food form.

We could eat them all day every day, but for the sake of our waistbands, we exercised some self-control. You may run into the same problem, so prepare yourself.

In their simple doughy DNA, there’s a moreish quality that’s incredibly hard to resist.

2. Strawberry Donuts With Strawberry Glaze

We’d have strawberry glaze on anything. Brussels sprouts, salad, rice… whatever it is, it can be made better with strawberry glaze. Something that’s particularly true if the food in question is a lovely donut.

The only way to improve on such a creation is to fold some fresh strawberries into the dough as well, doubling up on the strawberry goodness, and that’s precisely what this recipe does.

If you’re into your strawberries and cream, these are the perfect donuts for you, and as they’re baked rather than fried, you can indulge with a clear conscience.

3. Blueberry Donuts With Blueberry Glaze

Continuing the double trouble theme, we have a recipe for amazing blueberry donuts with an exquisite blueberry glaze sure to blow your socks off.

This isn’t your everyday sort of glaze. It’s incredibly thin, giving the donuts a satisfying purple sheen without completely suffocating them.

The result? A super light sweet treat that packs a punch in the flavor department despite not feeling too indulgent.

Combined with the whole blueberries tucked into fluffy dough, this glaze is truly next level, and if you garnish these donuts with yet more blueberries and some edible flowers, they look pretty darn high class, cleverly subverting the idea of donuts being junk food.

And being that they’re baked, they’re really not full of junk at all, so go on, have another!

4. Banana Donuts With Brown Sugar Glaze

If the dough is doing a lot of the heavy lifting where flavor is concerned, as is the case with this banana donut recipe, it’s an opportunity to make a more pared-down but still super scrumptious glaze.

This recipe calls for a simple, rich brown sugar glaze, which has a deeper, more nuanced flavor than white sugar glazes, and it pairs beautifully with the creaminess of the banana in the donut itself.

If you’d rather do something a little more adventurous with the topping of your banana donuts, simply use this glaze recipe as a base, then embellish to your heart’s content.

5. Raspberry Donuts With Raspberry Glaze

Back in double trouble town, we have this recipe for raspberry donuts with a lovely pink raspberry glaze — We’re in Homer Simpson territory here, folks!

To boost the tastiness factor of these already insanely delectable donuts, keep some of your raspberry purée to one side and save it until your donuts have been glazed and cooled on the rack.

Then drizzle some of your purée on top of the glaze, as if it were a coulis. It’ll add an elegant touch to the presentation, giving you a taste of the high life with each polite nibble… oh, who are we kidding, with each messy mouthful!

6. Chocolate Donuts With Double Vanilla Glaze

Sometimes only a chocolate donut will hit the spot, and if it happens to be glazed, even better.

The beautiful thing about this recipe is that it instructs you to pour not just one layer of drool-inducing vanilla glaze, but two!

What you end up with is a lusciously thick layer of sweetness before you even reach the chocolaty dough, and the vanilla flavor carries through wonderfully, so it doesn’t feel like you’re eating one thing and then the other.

The glaze and dough merge into a splendiferous hybrid treat you won’t be able to get enough of.

7. Chocolate Fudge Cake Donuts

We love vanilla glaze as much as the next donut-head, but when you really feel that chocolate itch, you ain’t looking for no vanilla; you’re looking for double, triple, quadruple, maybe even quintuple chocolate goodies.

If you often find yourself in these only-chocolate-will-do frenzies, this recipe delivers and then some.

There’s chocolate a-plenty in the dough itself, then the glaze is literally just chocolate and milk, and then on top of that, yep, you’ve guessed it… chocolate sprinkles!

These donuts are about as chocolate fudge cake-y as they could be without actually being chocolate fudge cakes, and we’re loving it.

8. Donuts With Caramel Glaze

This magnificent recipe uses a simple brown sugar batter for the body of the donuts, which although not very exciting is still delish! But where things do get a little more interesting is the sticky caramel glaze.

It couldn’t pair any better with the soft, fluffy donuts, but for this glaze to reach its final destination, you have to resist the urge to down it straight from the pan, which, trust us, is pretty hard to do.

If you can control yourself, though, you’ll be rewarded by some of the nicest glazed donuts you have or ever will try.

9. Chocolate Donuts With Mint Choc Chip Glaze

The only thing better than chocolate is mint choc chip — This is a fact!

So when we saw this recipe for chocolate donuts with a thick, creamy mint glaze peppered with chocolate chips, we knew we had to drop everything and try it right away, and boy were we satisfied with the results.

Just look at the pictures of the donuts this recipe produces. They’re art in themselves, but the donuts… masterpieces.

They go down surprisingly well with a cup of Joe, and as the mint is quite powerful, they help to freshen that post-brew breath that inevitably haunts us for the rest of the day.

10. Banana Walnut Donuts With Cream Cheese Glaze

We’re back with good old banana here at number 10, but our favorite yellow fruit isn’t alone. This time, it’s brought a friend along for the ride… the walnut.

This recipe is like the buddy cop movie of the donut world — This one’s bananas, and the other one’s nuts, but together, they might just be the world’s greatest crime-fighting duo!

Except it’s not crime they’re fighting, it’s hunger, and thanks to the devilishly rich vanilla cream cheese glaze, they’re doing it in style!

11. Brioche Donuts With Apple Cider Glaze

Here’s a bit of a curveball for you: A brioche donut recipe.

Now, if you’re not familiar with brioche donuts, allow us to enlighten you. They are essentially the ultimate donut, made using enriched dough with an insane fat content.

And here’s another curveball for you: An apple cider glaze. It’s not your everyday donut topping, but then again, this isn’t your everyday donut.

This is a special donut, a celebration of donuts, if you will, and what’s a celebration without a little tipple, ay?

It may sound a little off-the-wall for people who like to stay within their donut comfort zone, but these donuts will make that comfort zone look like a bed of nails in comparison.

Do yourself a favor, and try these cider-soaked delights today. Just don’t eat and drive, as these have one hell of a boozy kick!

12. Pineapple Donuts With Pineapple Glaze

Double the pineapple, double the fun — That’s what we always say. Okay, maybe we just made it up for the sake of this recipe, but we’ll definitely work it into our phrase repertoire from now on.

This recipe sounds quite bonkers, and that’s because it kind of is. Firstly, pineapple is far from an accepted donut flavor, and we can’t believe how well it works.

Secondly – and this is the truly crazy thing about this recipe – the creator has managed to create a pineapple glaze that doesn’t split and sets well.

We’re guessing that, outside the odd experimental cocktail or two, you’ve never tried combining pineapple juice with dairy products?

Well, we can tell you firsthand that it’s an absolute nightmare if you want the resulting substance to look cohesive and set firmly.

So, kudos to the recipe author; you’re a certified sweet treat whiz!

Final Thoughts

And thus ends our guide to the best glazed donut recipes on the web. There are enough tasty options here to keep you going for a while, so by the time you exhaust the resources of this list, there’ll be hundreds of new and exciting creations for you to try.

Unless, that is, you fall head over heels for one of these recipes and decide that you’re happy to stick with it for the rest of your donut-munching days, which could well happen!

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