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10 Tasty Lemon Desserts To Make This Weekend

When it comes to dessert ideas, some of the greatest and sweetest desserts are ones that incorporate a zesty lemon taste. Of course though, there are so many dessert ideas out there that you could use lemon, you may be lost in a world of ideas.

10 Tasty Lemon Desserts To Make This Weekend

Luckily though, we’ve also had our eyes on some tasty lemon desserts and we’ve listed ten of the tastiest lemon desserts that you can make this weekend.

So, if you’re looking for some ideas – read on to learn more.

1. Lemon Bars With Shortbread Crust

Let’s kick off this list with one of the most well adored desserts in the world that uses lemon – lemon bars with a crumbly shortbread crust.

The mix of the crumbly shortbread crust with the soft, gooey lemon center is something that works ideally.

One of the best things about this dessert is that it’s incredibly easy to make and it’s so highly packed with amazing flavor.

You’ll need to source some of the best shortbread out there in the store though, as the quality of the shortbread makes all the difference when it comes to the overall effectiveness of the dessert.

It’s actually not only easy to make, but it’s one of the simplest desserts to make that leaves little to no mess.

In other words, if you’re looking to make a very high quality dessert for your friends and family, but you don’t have a lot of time to dedicate to cleaning – here’s the choice for you!

2. Lemon Donuts With Lemon Glaze

A very effective way to utilize lemon when it comes to making desserts is to use an already established dessert idea, and add a lemon twist to it.

Baking donuts is a pretty simple process, but why simply bake your traditional type of donut when you can add a fantastic lemon twist to proceedings?

All you need to do is follow a typical recipe for baked donuts but you have to be sure that you’re using lemon extract instead of lemon juice within your quick batch.

Once you have finished this step – it’s time for a gorgeous lemon glaze.

The lemon glaze is essentially a boost to a traditional icing idea, but it packs a very fruity punch and is one of the best ideas – and you save a lot of time!

Definitely an idea to consider for a weekend dessert if you don’t want to spend too much time on preparation.

3. Lemon Cheesecake Mousse

Speaking of desserts which do not take a lot of time to make, you might be looking for no-bake dessert ideas – so this is when you might turn your head to lemon cheesecake mousse.

This dessert is a favorite among party guests and family members alike, due to its simplicity, high quality taste and can be prepared and ready to eat in no time at all.

Once you’ve completed your lemon cheesecake mousse, you need to serve it in small containers like glass jars or ceramic pots.

You may even decide to add more of your own individuality with this recipe by adding other fruits into the mousse or adding an additional syrup, such as orange or blueberry (see also ‘15 Delicious Blueberry Desserts You’ll Love To Make!‘).

4. Lemon Cheesecake

If you are a big fan of cheesecake, then lemon cheesecake should be high on your list for a beautiful weekend dessert idea.

Cheesecakes are incredibly popular due to their great taste and light finish, but lemon cheesecakes are possibly the most popular choice for them.

They’re simple to make and you can use basic ingredients like Graham crackers instead of shortbread for the crumbly texture.

The key to making this is the lemon sauce filling. Ensure you mix plenty of lemon juice within your cheesecake batter and you will see the difference!

5. Lemon Marshmallows

If you’ve ever been camping on a weekend, you will know that toasting marshmallows is a tradition. So why settle for your typical marshmallows when you can make your own lemon marshmallows?

The best way to finish these soft, gooey marshmallows is to sprinkle them with nuts and edible glitter. It makes them not only taste great, but especially presentable.

What makes lemon marshmallows such a great dessert choice is the uniqueness of them, along with the fact that you can easily make these with your kids or other family members.

Not to mention, you can easily store these marshmallows for later and easily pack them if you want to take them out with you later. Perhaps a camping trip?

6. Lemon Meringue Pie

Lemon desserts can come in all different shapes and sizes, but one of the most traditional uses of lemon in a dessert is the lemon meringue pie.

It’s a simple recipe to follow and the finished product results in possibly the sweetest and most delicious texture – perfect for any weekend activity.

One of the keys to making this pie and avoiding the common, soggy bottom, though, is to blind bake the crust. This is when you bake it alone without the filling and add it later on in the recipe.

Additionally, you should make sure that you evenly spread the meringue topping before refrigerating. This will help to prevent another common problem with lemon meringue pie – weeping.

7. Lemon Meringue Cookies

A twist on the previous addition to this list, lemon meringue cookies are an ideal choice for dessert makers with little time.

You can make lemon meringue cookies by simply using store bought lemon curd and store bought shortbread cookies, and this will help to save you even more time, and possibly some money.

To perfect these cookies though, you will need to use a chef torch or something similar. You should avoid using a broiler because this will undoubtedly ruin the meringue finish.

8. Lemon Coconut Truffles

Truffles (see also ‘5 Raw Chocolate Truffles Recipes‘) are one of the best dessert ideas for the weekend. Once finished, the small, fruity burst that comes when you bite into one is unique and packed with flavor.

Lemon coconut truffles are filled with cream cheese and are perfected with amazing toppings such as white chocolate and extra coconut sprinkles.

However, if you want to add even more lemon to this dessert idea, you may decide to add some lemon curd in your cream cheese mixture.

These truffles are excellent choices for dessert because you can easily carry them with you if you want to show them off to your friends, along with being an excellent portion size.

9. Lemon Scones

Here’s a twist on a traditionally British dessert idea. Lemon scones success is all about the dough – you’ve got to make sure that you do not overmix it.

Once you’ve got your mixture right and you’ve baked them to perfection, be sure that you stick with the classic use of clotted cream and either strawberry or raspberry jelly.

This is definitely the choice for people who want to enjoy a beautiful dessert with friends and socialize, especially during the summer months, but they’re great at any time of the year.

10. Lemon Cupcakes

Finally, one of the classic choices for a beautiful dessert choice with lemon is lemon cupcakes. Perfect for both adults and children, lemon cupcakes are light, fluffy and crammed with flavor.

The overall flavor within the cupcake is actually rather subtle, but the taste primarily comes from the frosting, which can be much more powerful and very lemony!

You can tailor how powerful these cupcakes are though, especially if you have guests or other family members that have very sensitive palates.

Just be sure that you are not diluting the taste too far the other way.

Are These Dessert Choices Easy To Make?

Yes, absolutely. There are no dessert choices on this list that are too complicated or difficult to make.

Pretty much anybody can make these choices, but you might notice that some dessert recipes might require things such as a chef’s torch.

Having said this, there are always alternatives which can be done at home without the need to buy anything further.

What Dietary Restrictions Should I Think About?

Generally speaking, you need to draw your attention to things like the inclusion of nuts, gluten and fruits. However, one of the considerations that is often overlooked is when you use substitutes.

Using a sugar substitute like Splenda might seem like a good idea, but you should make anyone aware that you are using such a substitute as they may have allergies or other restrictions.

It’s also important to note at this point that you should pay attention to caloric values to the desserts you are making, in case you have to refer to it later, or if you have guests with specific dietary restrictions.

Final Thoughts

Lemon desserts are an excellent choice, and these are some of the best ideas for lemon desserts you could make this weekend – it’s a perfect time to make them.

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