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20 Spectacular Mexican Wedding Cookies Recipes You Will Adore

Are you looking for a delicious cookie recipe to make for a special occasion? If so, Mexican Wedding Cookies are the perfect choice.

20 Spectacular Mexican Wedding Cookies Recipes You Will Adore

These sweet and buttery treats have been a traditional part of celebrations in Mexico and Latin America for centuries.

Not only do they taste great, but they are easy to make and look beautiful when served. 

1. Traditional Mexican Style Wedding Cookies

These delicious traditional cookies, sometimes called polvorones, are a simple yet flavorful holiday favorite. 

The dough is made with just seven simple ingredients: butter, flour, ground nuts, sugar, vanilla extract, salt and cinnamon.

For those who like extra crunch in their cookies, you can also add chopped or sliced almonds to the mix.

You will get around 3 dozen cookies per batch if using the drop method, and about 2 dozen if rolling into balls. 

2. Mexican Cookies

These wedding cookies are a holiday classic and make the perfect treat to share with family and friends. They’re buttery, nutty, and sweet with a delectable texture that melts in your mouth. 

Plus, they’re proud to be part of our favorite holiday traditions.

The recipe is easy enough to make a good-sized batch – around 40 delicious cookies – although you shouldn’t expect them to last long. 

3. Mexican Wedding Style Cookies

Mexican wedding cookies are classic sweets enjoyed around the world.

They’re light, buttery, and delicately sweet on the outside with an irresistible crunch that makes them a favorite amongst many. 

Contrary to popular belief, Mexican wedding cookies aren’t just reserved for weddings; in fact, they’re great for any occasion.

4. Wedding Style Sweet Mexican Cookies

The Mexican polvorón, is a cookie beloved throughout Mexico and beyond. Although it’s most associated with Mexico, its true origin is unclear. 

They come in various sizes and forms depending on location, from plain shapes like discs to more intricate figures such as hearts or stars. 

5. Mexican Sweet Cookies

These decadent bites are made from butter, ground nuts (usually pecans or almonds) and powdered sugar.

They’re typically rolled in more of the powdered sugar to make them look like mini snowball rolls for festive effect. 

Mexican Wedding Cookies have been around for generations and are a highlight of any table setting.

6. Mexican Wedding Cookie Recipe

These phenomenal cookies have a light, buttery and nutty flavor that are sure to please any palate. 

Adding an extra touch of holiday cheer is their outer coating of sugar powder, giving them a truly delightful presentation.

Enjoy this classical treat throughout the holidays and even at weddings.

7. 5-Ingredient Mexican Cookie

This classic base recipe is flavored with butter, pecans, and cinnamon; and only requires five ingredients to make – butter, flour, powdered sugar, chopped pecans, and cinnamon. 

All of these ingredients come together to create a bite-sized cookie that practically melts in your mouth. 

Not only are the cookies irresistibly good, but they require no special technique or expertise – just mix together the ingredients until blended thoroughly and use a tablespoon measurer or cookie scoop to drop them into circles on a lined baking sheet.

8. Simple Wedding Cookies

Preparing these cookies seemed almost like an art form, as we carefully combined the ingredients before rolling tiny balls of dough right between our hands to make them. 

There is something so delightful about seeing all the finished cookies placed on our big platter, especially since we took such careful consideration with its presentation.

These are always a fixture in our home during special occasions such as Christmas or Easter.

9. Mexican Sweet Cookies

The cookies boast a classic shortbread texture and melt-in-your-mouth flavor.

Whether it’s an authentic recipe or one that has been adapted in various countries around the world, these cookies are a favorite among many cultures. 

The dough can be rolled into balls or shaped by hand before being baked until golden brown and lightly crisp on the outside. 

10. Mexican Snowball Cookies

These cookies, also known as Snowball Cookies, are an iconic treat in Mexican cuisine. 

They consist of finely ground nuts mixed together with butter and covered in powdered sugar – providing a delicious balance between creamy and crunchy textures. 

With plenty of nutrients, these treats are a great way to add a bit of flavor to any event or holiday gathering.

11. Mexican Sugar Cookies

Mexican wedding cookies are an extremely special treat to savor. The recipe we use for these delightful desserts is one that has been enjoyed in our family for many years. 

The warmth and love that comes from this beloved recipe has kept it alive and well throughout the generations, making it something truly unique and extraordinary.

12. Christmas Mexican Cookies

Mexican wedding cookies, also known as Russian tea cakes, are popular treats served at weddings in Mexico and other Latin American countries. 

Classic Mexican recipes include almonds, sugar, butter and flour that are briefly baked to a deliciously golden color. 

13. Traditional Mexican Cookie

First, when preparing the dough, it’s important to use cold butter, so the cookie gets a light and airy texture. 

The key to achieving the perfect balance between sweetness and richness is adding powdered sugar; this will give these delightful treats their signature melt-in-your-mouth quality. 

14. Easy Mexican Cookies

The simplicity of these cookies shines through in the few ingredients needed to make them.

A combination of butter, confectioners’ sugar, and all-purpose flour is used to create the dough. For more flavor, vanilla extract can be added. 

Chopped nuts are used to add nutty flavor and crunchy texture to the finished cookie.

Lastly, after baking in the oven for about 10–15 minutes, the cookies come out light golden brown and are dusted with more confectioners’ sugar for added sweetness and visual appeal.

15. Easy Wedding Cookies

Mexican wedding cookies are a classic, flavorful treat for holiday cookie exchanges.

These buttery, crumbly shortbread-like treats have a melt-in your mouth texture and a festive look thanks to the snow-like dusting of powdered sugar added after they’re formed into balls. 

The perfect addition to any Christmas cookie plate, Mexican wedding cookies are one of the easiest to make.

16. Citrus Mexican Cookies

The soft and chewy texture of these cookies, combined with a subtle infusion of Mexican chocolate chips, chopped pecans, orange zest, and vanilla, make them so irresistible.

Plus, they’re remarkably simple to whip up in your own kitchen.

To start, you’ll need melted butter, sugar and egg yolks, which you can beat together until fluffy.

Then add all-purpose flour and some salt for extra flavor before mixing in the Mexican chocolate chips, pecans and orange zest to complete the dough. 

Finally, shape into small discs using your hands or a cookie scoop for uniformity before transferring onto parchment paper lined baking sheets and baking. 

17. Mexican Sweet And Buttery Cookies

Soft and buttery, these shortbread-like bites contain pieces of pecan in every bite, creating a great texture balance.

With only six simple ingredients required, they are a breeze to make and perfect for any occasion.

You won’t be able to resist their delightful melt-in-your-mouth flavor.

Sweet but not too sweet and deceptively easy to prepare, Mexican Wedding Cookies will sure become a favorite during family gatherings or just as an everyday treat on your own. 

18. Mexican Tea Cake Cookies

Traditionally known as Russian Tea Cakes or Snowball Cookies, these easy treats require only a few ingredients and bake up quickly. 

The powdered sugar outer coating gives them a snow-looking finish, which is perfect for the holiday season.

No cookie jars would be complete without Mexican Wedding Cookies during the festive time of year.

19. Cinnamon Mexican Cookies

These cinnamon wedding cookies are sure to be a hit no matter who you serve them to. With minimal effort and time, they can be created into the perfect baked treat that everyone will love. 

Often times, the powdered sugar is clumpy, and it’s best to remove these clumps before using it for maximum flavor.

If you don’t have ground cinnamon but still want the flavor in the coating of your cookies, you can use a bottle of cinnamon sugar as an alternative.

20. Mexican Nutty Cookies

Mexican Wedding Cake Cookies are a delicious classic cookie that can be made with a variety of nuts. Pecans, walnuts and almonds all make for great additions to these cookies, but the choice is up to you.

Pecans are especially popular in this recipe due to their sweet and buttery flavor, as well as the fact that they’re particularly plentiful in Mexico itself.

They add crunch and an earthy, nutty flavor that compliments the delicate sweetness of the cookie itself. 

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re looking for a classic recipe or one with a twist, there are plenty of recipes to choose from.

From the simple Sweet and Buttery Mexican Wedding Cookie to the more exotic Cinnamon Mexican Cookie, you’ll be sure to find one that will satisfy your taste buds. 

Whether you’re baking for a special occasion or just for fun, these Mexican Wedding Cookies are sure to be a hit.

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