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How Ripe Is Too Ripe For Banana Bread?

Whether you’re a seasoned baker or new to the game, chances are you’ve tried out a banana bread recipe.

You’ve probably heard that ripe bananas are best for this recipe. 

How Ripe Is Too Ripe For Banana Bread

While this is true, there is such a thing as a banana that is too ripe, even when it comes to baking them into your delicious banana bread. 

So, if you’re wondering how ripe is too ripe for banana bread, you’ve come to the right place!

Read on to find out which levels of banana ripeness are best to use in your baking. Let’s dive in!

How To Tell How Ripe Your Bananas Are

Bananas can be yellow, or black, and still be fair game to use in your banana bread.

Black bananas can be ideal to use in banana bread, as they are much sweeter due to the sugar that they develop over time when left.

These ripe bananas can also be moist, which is something you want for your banana bread!

However, sometimes, these bananas may be too ripe, and they may have started to go moldy. 

Bananas To Avoid

If your bananas have gone black, and you’re wondering if they can still be used in your banana bread, there are a few ways to ensure that they are still okay to use. 


If your bananas have visible mold on them, then it is time to throw them away!

You should not use bananas that have any signs of mold, as this can be dangerous to consume. 


If your bananas are giving off a strange smell, then this indicates that the bananas are not okay to use. 

You should always trust your senses when it comes to this, and ensure that you study the fruits very carefully to make sure that they are okay to use.

Biggest Banana Bread Mistakes

When it comes to making banana bread, one issue that you can face is using bananas that have gone bad.

There are also some other mistakes that you can make that will impact the outcome of your banana bread.


Overmixing the batter is one very common banana bread mistake. It is a myth to think that smooth batters mean that you will get a perfectly baked treat. 

Mixing the batter for too long can cause a dense banana bread loaf. This is because, during mixing, too much gluten can develop.

For quick bread, you do not want this to happen as you want soft and tender bread to come out of the oven.

It doesn’t matter if there are visible lumps in your batter. This will even out during the baking process.

Using The Wrong Bananas

How Ripe Is Too Ripe For Banana Bread?

It is important to choose overripe bananas to make a sweet and delicious loaf.

Look for bananas that have started to turn brown, but, as explored above, ensure that they have not started to go bad. 

Not Measuring Ingredients

If you use inconsistent measurements in your banana bread, likely, you will not make a perfect loaf.

Adding too much flour can make the bread dry out, and adding too little flour will mean that the loaf is too moist. 

Ensure that you use a measuring scale to weigh your ingredients for the best results.

Using Too Many Eggs

Eggs are very important when it comes to baking.

Adding too many eggs can cause problems with the composition of your banana bread. It may end up being too dense and rubbery. 

This can also overwhelm the banana flavors, making the banana bread less enjoyable overall. Most recipes advise using two eggs in your loaf. 

Using Baking Powder

Many people believe that baking powder and baking soda can be used interchangeably.

However, this is not the case. They have different chemical properties which make one better than the other in certain instances. 

Baking soda should be used alongside acidic ingredients. This is why it is used in banana bread, as the bananas are acidic.

Baking soda is needed for banana bread because it causes the loaf to rise. If you don’t use the correct amount, you will end up with a dense loaf. 

Adding Ingredients In The Wrong Order

It is important to add your ingredients in the correct order. If you do not do this, the batter is unlikely to come together correctly. 

It is best to mix all dry ingredients first before you add the wet ingredients. This will help the batter to be evenly distributed.

Ensure that you follow the recipe closely, as this will give you the best outcome for your banana bread.

Not Greasing Your Pan

You need to ensure that you grease the tin so that you can easily get the banana bread out when it is done baking.

This is a common mistake, and it can mean that your loaf ends up breaking into pieces. 

Greasing the pan is a sure way to keep your loaf in one piece.

Baking Time

Baking time is very important when it comes to banana bread. It takes a long time to bake, as it is a dense baked good.

Most loaves will take at least 50 minutes to bake. You should expect the top to be golden brown when it is finished.

To check that the bread is baked, place a knife into the center of the bread. If it comes out clean, then it is ready to be removed from the oven.

Leave it to cool before enjoying.

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it! After reading this article you should now have a clear idea of how ripe your bananas should be when you are making banana bread.

You need to ensure that these bananas are ripe, but not moldy when you are baking with them! So, get started on your banana bread today!

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